Transcripts of the RT Interviews on Human Rights Crisis in Ukraine

Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli, Chairman of Swedish Doctors For Human Rights, was interviewed by RT (4 May 2014) on the Human Rights Crisis in Ukraine. There were four issues taken up in the first interview. I) On the Human Rights violations,on why is Kiev attacking  hospitals, civil population, etc. II) On the compact silence by “West” Media-stream Media on the Human Rights violations in the area. III) On whether the self-defense forces should surrender to Kiev to prevent further bloodshed. IV)  On “what Russia is supposed to do”. The interview was conducted by senior reporter Anissa Naouai [@ANOWRT]. In a second, shorter interview, done by a reporter preparing the material for the News bulletin [see item V) down below], I further elaborated on my stance regarding the issue “Russia intervention in Ukraine”.

The full program episode with the first interview can be found (slow downloading) at, and this interview at position 6:20 in the video. The full episode on my interview can be seen with no downloading problem using the Vidimeo file posted downn below in this text.


On why is Kiev attacking  hospitals, civil population

RT: Why is Kiev hitting schools, hospitals? I mean, they can’t be trying to hit civilian targets on purpose, can they?

– Well, the Ukrainian Army has not been successful in confronting in combat the revolutionary forces at the Donbass region. Their so-called anti-terrorist operation has been converted, or perhaps designed so from the beginning, as a Psych Op., a psychological warfare operation aimed to discourage the civil population of further supporting the local governments newly established in the region.

So, the reason why they are then diverting the attacks towards cities or villages (for instance today around Slavyansk they have heavily hit Semenovka, Cherevkovka, and other villages around) it’s the instead of confronting the forces on ground. So, this [attacking on the civilians] is a part of their strategy, after perceiving they haven’t had any [favourable] option in confronting the revolutionaries – an option that they actually will not have.


On the compact silence by “West” Media-stream Media on the Human Rights violations in the area.

RT – Why there is no condemnation coming from the West? I am sure the state department officials have seen the gruesome pictures from Ukraine, and seen pictures twittered to them, directly to officials, there is no way they have not seen theses pictures.

– Well, this is a situation that it is inherent to the mainstream media. They serve an ideological interest, which in its turn it’s serving State interests. It is geopolitics. They have control in one way or the other over the corporations, which control their media. So, it is not surprising that they are not reporting the events as such. Or when they are reporting, perhaps they limit their reports to what it is coming from Kiev. But in most cases – as you indicated – they ignore the facts at all. That is the case of the Swedish Television, for instance.

  new 3 why msm silence to blogg Note: The statement by the Junta Interior Minister on the massacre-victims “self-immolation is in the clip here below. My comment to BBC’s Tim Whewell is found here. The referred screenshot from the Swedish TV Rapport also here below.swe TV on Odessa bloodshed boomerang htopthBCEAABVCi.png_large


On why surrender is not an option for the Donbass revolutionaries

new surrender to blogg12 june


“An important question: what should Russia do?”

n ew question IV

RT – Professor Ferrada de Noli, this is an important question: what should Russia do. A civil war is blowing out of control just across its borders; obviously the humanitarian situation – it may even be called a Human Right Crisis, unfolding. How is Russia supposed to react?

– Well, Russia, and not only Russia but also all the decent countries in the world, they should react by severely condemning the human right violations and war crimes perpetrated by the Ukrainian Junta in the Easter region. But on intervention in the sense of military intervention, of Russia going in the Ukrainian territory, I can say, generally: Some days ago, reading the news and viewing the videos showing the horrible massacres in Luhansk, I thought myself, this has to be stopped in one way or the other. So, it is absolutely legitimate to oppose, to contain with force these enormous violations on the Human Rights.

But now when I see how successfully the revolutionary forces are probing to be for instance in Slavyansk – they have taken there, as I understood, a Border Guard post, and a National Guard post. ­ and that they are in control of the situation, having still the initiative. So I don’t see in this moment the necessity, actually, for it, but . . .


In another interview that ensued the above, and which was conducted by a reporter who indicated to e that this addendum was to be aired in the News bulletin, I had the opportunity to further explain my stance on the issue “Russia intervention” in Ukraine.

I said, basically, that since Russia has in any case been falsely accused of having a current military intervention in Ukraine territory, then it is not much left to say for the Kiev Junta in case that intervention from Russia has to be done for real. And this position corresponds to what I had already said in Twitter.

My conclusion being that if the revolutionary in Donbass, the self-defense forces, cannot any longer contain the Ukraine army in their offensive, and if the bloodshed would continue unabashed because of that, Russia has to intervene militarily, directly, with own regular forces, to stop the war crimes in the zone and save the lives of all the remaining in the region.

The full interview  can be seen in the video here below:

fascilme rt interv

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