Facts and libel in the international campaign VS. Valentina Lisitsa – Analysis

By Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli


1. Introduction

valentina lisistsa

An international campaign against the world-renowned pianist and human rights advocate Valentina Lisitsa has taken place in a variety of countries, helped by media and social-media actors of a reputed NATO allegiance. In Sweden, evidence continue to arise indicating that the campaign against Valentina Lisitsa artistic performance in Norrkoping was orchestrated from a variety of right-wing conservative interests, joining ‘nationalists’ in the US, Canada, Sweden and Ukraine, and with the gladly participation of the local pro-NATO media including state-owned outlets, such as the openly Russophobic Swedish Radio. [1]

Beyond the blunt boycott allegedly opposing a piano concerto, it has also emerged a) The issue of freedom of expression; b) A constellation of serious libellous attacks on the person of Valentina Lisitsa, some of these of unlawful relevance; and c):

A main conclusion of this analysis is that the ad-hominem attacks against Valentina Lisitsa – which, through a malicious exegesis of every word she has aired in Twitter wishes to appear as a simple exposing of alleged personal attributes and “unacceptable arguing style” – is just the cover of a deeper psy-op alike design, aimed to invalidate the famous artist’s political views on crucial developments in Ukraine’s human rights situation.

Swedish Doctors for Human Rights is committed by its Foundation Manifest [2] to take up the defence of cases of war-crimes denouncers under harassment by authorities or vassal-media siege, on the base of the exposures. Such is the case Valentina Lisitsa. We also believe that this defence endeavour should be implemented by all decent human rights organizations that claim to be independent of governmental influence.

The following items around the said campaign will be developed in this analysis:

  • Some first characters surface. Nationalists and neo-fascists
  • The pro-NATO media
  • The journalists
  • Participation of Sveriges Radio, Sweden’s state-owned broadcast
  • The Canada and USA connection
  • The slander narrative on Valentina Lisitsa debunked by FACTS

SWEDHR defend individuals persecuted for HR denouncingThe denouncing in the international forums done by Lisitsa in the field of alleged war crimes in the Ukraine civil war, combined with her stance of world-famous artist, have made her human-rights message particularly relevant – albeit dangerous for those in power. And for this very reason, threatening for her too.

As Voltaire reminded, “It is dangerous to be right when those in power are mistaken”. [3]

We at Swedish Doctors for Human Rights are ready to take the risk in defence of a cause we deem as honourable.

2. The Campaign

Beyond the horrifying panorama represented by the vassal-stance of Swedish main stream media and their employed  journalists which opt for defending foreign geopolitical interests instead of being patriots of their own nation. Beyond the issue that self-respected Swedish intuitions have ended being mere instruments for preposterous pressures from financial/geopolitical groups abroad, and become ready to give up the principle of freedom of expression by proxy-punishing an artist –  just because her political views oppose a neo-Nazi design permitted by the US administration.

Beyond all that we may find just a simple, vulgar constellation of fanatics deprived of any respect for the democratic principle of freedom of speech.


The surrealist touch in the campaign: Neo-Nazis accusing Valentina Lisitsa of Racism and anti-Semitism. For that purpose they have deformed both her speech and appearance.

Image below, the real Valentina Lisitsa:

Valentina Lisitsa - Esplanade

Not that I easily fall for conspiracy hypotheses, but as we may see below, this really seems orchestrated as if it were a typical NATO psy op. Same narrative, same patterns, that we find in the media behaviour towards Valentina in Florida, Calgary, Toronto – you name it– are now copycat in Swedish media including by the state-owned broadcast Swedish Radio.

The magnitude in this constellation of actors operating in the Swedish campaign was, however, not that clear for us in the beginning of our reporting. The big picture gradually emerged through research, information poured by main stream media themselves, or direct communications to SWEDHR regarding the orchestration of the concert boycott prepared months ago in the US and Canada.

First characters surface. Nationalists and neo-fascists

Swedish Doctors for Human Rights issued an initial statement [4] in which the organization highlighted the fact that those people announcing activities in the anti-Lisitsa campaign were exactly those targeted by Lisitsa’s criticism regarding human rights violations:

We found at NT that ‘Young Ukrainians in Sweden do not rule out demonstrations against Valentina Lisitsa, and that the group’s spokesperson Andriy Kachur declared the following to NT, “We plan nothing, but it may happen that it will come people from outside who want to make a point.” [5] At the same time, our researcher assigned on this topic found the following dialogue on Twitter:

Felix Gustafsson (@UpcomingFront): What do you mean with “She [Valentina Lisitssa] isn’t welcome in MY COUNTRY”?

Mikael Skillt (@MikaelSkillt): Exactly that, and I just deciding if I should go to Sweden to stir something together. [6]

So, who would be Mr Mikael Skillt in this context? Dina Newman is a BBC reporter and senior broadcast journalist, author of a variety of in-depth analysis on the Ukrainie war. In her reportage ”Ukraine conflict: ‘White power’ warrior from Sweden”, 16/7 2014, she describes Mr Skillt as an ex member of the Swedish Army, now operating as sniper in the Batalion Azov, and with political views that “in fact are typical of a neo-Nazi”. In true, he has defined himself as “nationalist”. [7] The BBC report also writes unwaveringly, “Mr Skillt believes races should not mix. He says the Jews are not white and should not mix with white people.”

Sweden-based The Local affirms straightforwardly in “Swedish neo-Nazis join fight in Ukraine” 30/7/2014 that Skillt is “a member of the neo-Nazi Party of the Swedes (Svenskarnas parti)”. [8] Mikael Skillt declared in The local, “My goal is a white Ukraine,” and to a main Swedish paper, Svenska Dagbladet (SVD), Mr Skillt added, “Of course I do have an ethnic perspective on this war” [“Svensk nynazist deltar I striderna”]. The SvD article continues, “Skillt also thinks that the large Jewish minority in Ukraine should leave the country, because he does not reckon them as whites”. [9]

Both the BBC report and the Swedish SvD transcribe declarations by Mr Skillt in which he describes his role in the Azov formation as a commander for a unit that execute the arresting of civilians suspected of collaboration with ‘the separatists’. [7] [9]

Why would Mr Skillt be so annoyed with Valentina Lisitsa, to the point of called publicly a “talented trash” and announcing he might “stir up something” against Valentina Lisitsa (referring to the concert in Norrköping)?

In the Toronto campaign against the artist we identified a statement that most irritation had caused amidst the then political leadership of Ukraine. We refer here to the very leadership that called the Ethnic-Russian minority (in fact, the majority in Donbass), “sub-human”. [10]

This was the statement of Valentina Lisitsa. It is contained in an interview done by Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, 19/01 2015: [11]

valentina HR statement on azov


The pro-NATO Swedish media

The above-mentioned initial statement by SWEDHR [4] was submitted for publication in NT, purposely not to any other media. This is the Swedish outlet that profusely printed and on-lined a series of articles hostile to Valentina Lisitsa. NT, in other words, is undoubtedly part of the campaign.

We had no real expectation of having our statement “accepted for publication”; but we wanted to have their reply on why they would refuse it, clearly stated. The reply delayed but finally we were able to contact NT’s “Debate editor” 28/10. First she did not want to commit any reply at all, and then she finally admitted that NT was not going to publish it. This was the dialogue in essence:

NT: a) “we have had a debate on this already”; b) “SWEDHR article has to be placed in a long line of articles already sent to NT”; c) “when it would come SWEDHR’s turn the concert has already taken place”.

SWEDHR: “A non-sense explanation that no intelligent reader at NT would ever could swallow. What NT is having is not a ‘debate’ about Valentina’s performance in Norrköping, but a campaign against Valentina Lisitsa. The facts: Of the five articles published by NT, only one article – and beyond doubt, heavily edited by NT – could mention respect for freedom of speech around this issue”.

Many of us at SWEDHR board have political experience; some of us even combat experience VS fascist armies. But in this context it would be worthier to mention that several at the board have vast experience in the publishing front. We can without mayor efforts anticipate when a submission on a given subject to a given outlet shall or not be ultimately publish. We knew that this was a political motivated drive. We did not know thou the extension of the “networking” behind. Nevertheless, in a matter of hours we were able to research further on the scope of this filthy campaign. None among us at SWEDHR was taken by surprise with the publication by Fria Tider of this report about publications done at Norköpings Tidningar (NT)  in the frame of the anti-Lisitsa campaign. [12]

friatiderom fallet lisitsa(SWEDHR vice-chairman, Professor Anders Romelsjö, received a critical comment on the feasibility of publishing my article – as it was originally done – at SWEDHR’s Research & Reports. See note by the SWEDHR’s R&R editor, Dr Armando Popa, on the decision of retaining the publication of the article at SWEDHR.  Besides, Fria Tider has communicated that they are not associated with SD or any other political organization. Note updated 3/11/15.)

Fria Tider disclaimer on twitterThe Fria Tider publication says, literarily, “In an unusual confession, the Norköpings Tidningat, NT, openly tells how the newspaper deceives [möklägger] about the event [Valentina Lisitsa’s] because of political reasons” [12]

The journalists

I have not finished to write down the transcription above, when I received a “Read this” communication from Professor Anders Romelsjö, who draw my attention to an article by Mr Alex Voronov “A pianist at Putin’s service”, published in another newspaper of a city in the neighbourhood called Eskilstuna-Kuriren. [13] What first stunned me was that the title of Voranov’s article was strikingly similar to one of the ad-hominem articles published by NT, “”Putin Troll with piano talent“, by Mr Matts Ohlson. [15]

However, most astonishing was to recognize the identical narrative between those two articles published by different journalists, in two different media outlets; the nearly identical argumentation and the same ad-hominem argumentation. While Ohlsson claims that Lisitsa “equalizes the elected Kiev government with a Nazi-like gang with blood in their hands”, [16] Voronov alleges that “she calls Ukrainians dog-shit”. [17] This is a vilifying and illegitimate accusation whose content shall certainly recoil to the “strategists”. I analyse this particular defamation in Chapter 2 further below.

Yet in another article at NT, Mr Pauli Olavi Kuivanen gives space to the following libel, uttered by a spokesperson of “Young Ukranians in Sweden”: “We become offended when she describes Ukrainians as Nazi and pigs” [“vi blir kränkta när hon beskriver ukrainare som nazister och grisar.”] [18]

Valentina Lisitsa was quick in her rebuttal:

where is the pig-tweeter

No reply so far, not in Twitter, neither in the paper nor in the NT edition on-line.

So, I ask again, a week after, where is the ‘pigs’-twitter?

Anyone can in any case know where –  politically speaking – Mr Voronov finds his preferences. For beginners, it is all in Wikipedia: A right-wing editorial journalist who has been hired by several Liberal-related media. Liberal in Swedish political context is a denomination ascribed to the “Folkpartiet-Liberaler”, the Swedish political party which most vehemently advocates the fully integration of Sweden to NATO.  

No surprise that following the publication of Alex Voranov, Mikael Skillt – the Swedish nationalist described above by the British and Swedish press as straight neo-Nazi (and that has announced he would be “stirring up something” against the pianist) – congratulated Voranov for his anti-Lisitsa contribution. To which Voranov thanks kindly and reminds Skillt to spread on Twitter the link of his article in Ekilstuna-Kurriren.

skillt - voranov

In sum, main overt message in all these journalists’ articles – the Voronov’s, the Granberg’s, the Ohlson’s, etc. – is the suggestion to the public to boycott the pianist’s performance scheduled with the Norrköping Symphonic Orchestra. However, the strategic aim is likewise the psy op implemented in Toronto, Calgary etc. To discredit the celebrity, to try strangling or narrowing her possibilities for future artistic engagements that would enable her message to wider audiences. In other words, to minimize the impact of her powerful denouncing endeavour.

Participation of Sweden’s state-owned broadcast Sveriges Radio

Also on the 29 of October, the day the concert would take place, the state-owned Swedish Radio joints the anti-Lisitsa smearing campaign. The Swedish Radio prints,

Lisitsa är också aktiv på twitter där hon ger stöd till Vladimir Putin i konflikten mellan Ryssland och Ukraina. Enligt uppgifter har hon använt ord som grisar och nazister.” [1]

sr on valentina lisitsa 29 oct 2015

The first statement of Swedish Radio is, “Lisitsa is also active on Twitter where she gives support to Vladimir Putin in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine”

In the first place, the narrative of replacing the Ukrainian Civil War with the euphemism “Russia VS Ukraine” is an early deception. The fact is that the war was initiated with the operations against Ukrainian citizens in Donbass (the so-called separatists) conducted by the US-installed Junta in Kiev. The Swedish government – in particularly ex FM Carl Bildt – also backed the Junta government, which at the time included conspicuous leaders of openly pro-Nazi or neo-fascist formations. [20]

The second statement by Swedish Radio reads, libellous against Lisitsa, “According to information she has used expressions such as “pigs” and “Nazi”.

It would be absurd to ask Valentina Lisitsa whether she would have referred some Nazi or neo-fascist politicians in Ukraine as to “Nazi or neo-fascist politicians”.

About calling Nazi to the Nazis in Ukraine, I am happy to acknowledge that I have done that myself – both in Twitter (See one example in image below), and in The Professors’ Blog, such as in my article on Carl Bildt again in Ukraine). [20] The same have done countless of human rights activists, journalists, even within so-called serious MSM, and in addition also parliament members in the US and all over the world. It would be enough to refer to “Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi’s Make an Endrun Around the Congressmen John Conyers & Yoho Amendment”. [21]

'sub-humans'is not that NAZI

Above right: Yatsenyuk had called the Russian minority in Donbass, “sub-humans”

On the other hand, Valentina Lisitsa has NEVER called any Ukrainians “pigs”. I have asked her on this issue and so she did reply. Besides, she told me a very interesting story, highly relevant to this item in the analysis (it is a reference to the “MH17 accusations”, found in the section here below).

So, may I repeat, where is the ‘pigs’-twitter by Valentina Lisitsa?

This planted, fictitious “pigs” episode, insofar has been used by Swedish Radio, Norrkoping Tidningar (NT) and journalists Voronov and Olhsson, is in my opinion nothing but purely slander behaviour against Lisitsa. And if I were in her case, I would have filed in court. The Swedish legislation has a serious stance on libel, which is treated as a criminal offence. For our part, we have asked SWEDHR legal adviser for the prospectives of a reporting Swedish Radio to the authority supervising ‘public service broadcasting’.

I comeback to the slander issue in chapter 2 further below.

The US, Canada and Ukraine connection

The apparently pact between the US, Canada and Ukraine giving tacit cover (or disregard actions) to Nazi activities in Ukraine is well documented. It has gone that far as to agree voting against a United Nations resolution on tackling the rise of new glorification of Nazism. An open political behaviour which has characterized Ukraine during the last year – more than in any other European country.

usa canada & ukraine 

So, it was not at all a surprise to read an email sent to me by a Dr from Calgary of name Inna Platonova, from Canada, where she tells me that I am on a quite equivocal line in ascribing ‘Ukranian’ origins to this campaign against Lisitsa. Dr Platonova straightforwardly  acknowledges – which I appreciate – that “We have been writing from Canada and US to the Swedish orchestra for few months now.” Here below an excerpt of the e-letter:

platonova email

Who is really Dr Inna Platonova? I don’t know. And SWEDHR is not interested in research on her or any of these actors’ whereabouts in Canada, the US, Sweden or Ukraine. But as chairman of the organization Swedish Doctors for Human Rights I of course express my concern on that groups such as the Russian Speaking Canadians For Peace are targeting a colleague, Professor Anders Romelsjö, with preposterous allegations:

Rus canada vs romelsjö


In the context of this analysis, I only will mention that some among these actors has been named as a presumptive responsible for the actions taken by KLM against the pianist, which eventually removed her musical recordings. Valentina Lisitsa informs that there is a pending lawsuit on this issue, where KLM and two major Dutch newspapers were led to the spreading of false information concerning Valentina Lisitsa. [22] There it was also a matter of agitating a twitter that never existed, in which Lisitsa allegedly would have referred in pejorative terms on the MH17 crash. It was a big scandal with media outlets and Ukrainian nationalist groups asking loud for the boycott of Lisitsa’s art – as in this campaign. Things continued quit wildly until one journalist asked out of the blue, “wait, where is the (MH17) twitter”? [22]

The campaign ebbed and eventually it was found instead another Lisitsa-twitter (se here below) –with a content totally contradicting the smear against her. At this point Valentina Lisitsa was offered an apology.

Lisitsa twitter on MH17

2. “Freedom of speech” and “Freedom of slander”? The slander narrative against Valentina Lisitsa is debunked by FACTS.

This is the libel:

Mr Alex Voronov – “Sometimes she [V. Lisitsa] speaks, however, plainly, as when she calls Ukrainians dog shit“. [13] [16]

Voronov affirms unambiguously a) Firstly, that Lisitsa has called “Ukrainians”, dog-shit. This is pure slander. In the twitter used as “source” for this defamation, Valentina Lisitsa was not referring to Ukrainians in general but to a reduced political group (details below). b) Secondly, the “dog-shit” expression is ascribed to Valentina Lisitsa as if it was her own text; whereas it was the translation of a quoted text authored by someone else. All which is a clear vilification against the artist.

These are facts:

  1. Mr Alex Voronov, as well as the spokesperson of the “Young Ukrainians in Sweden” (Mr Andriy Kachur) quoted in the Pauli Olavi Kuivanen’s piece, [5] , give the subject of the sentence in an undetermined fashion [ukrainare = Ukranians], which allows the interpretation on that Valentina Lisitsa would have been referring to all Ukrainians.
  2. Instead, Lisitsa was addressing a specific group, “Svidomi Ukraintsi” (that it would indicate ‘conscious Ukrainians, or informed Ukrainians, or self-aware Ukrainians, according to Valentina Lisitsa). She would assume that Mr Voronov’s native language or command of Russian would enable him to perfectly well understand the meaning of the word “svidomi” in the context of the Ukrainian events of 2014-15.

Svidomi Свiдомi or its variation Svidomity (roughly translated as “conscious” or “aware ones” is a neologism that is applied to those Ukrainian nationalists who are “aware” of their racial superiority. Why racial, would the reader ask, in a relationship to Russians? One of Svidomi’s beliefs is that Ukrainians are an Arian nation whereas Russians are Finno-Ugric mongrels, Asians.


Valentina Lisitsa was quoting a text in a twitter (yes, a text in quotation marks); actually a translation of a text authored by another person. However, the malicious use of that twitter was to ascribe to Valentina the authorship of the text she was translating. This is the actual twitter where the quotations marks are clearly visible:

quoted text by VAlentina

translation of doggie thing

And this above is the Verbatim translation, quotation marks included

I do not mind – why should I – the fact that Mr Voronov is mutually following on Twitter with Thomas Theiner and EuromaidanPR. But what I mind in this context is that it would confirm that Alex Voronov does understand the nuances and grammatical rules of the Ukrainian language. Besides, Alexis Voronov was in fact born in Odessa, Ukraine, and this would confirm my notion on that he might wilfully not noticing things about the Lisitsa’s twitter he is using as source.

To restate my argument I will use the following illustration.

Here below we have a twitter – from an author I would say he is in the adversary political stance of that of Lisitsa. In the Twitter, Mr Thomas C. Theiner is also quoting and translating a text, of which he is not the author. Would the Russians retaliate against Mr Theiner because of an offensive text authored in fact by “a politician in Southern Germany”?

theiner post

Why, then, Valentina’s adversaries would insist to ascribe as hers texts which she is just quoting/translating, while protesting if some would ascribe to them conversely the same thing?

3. Conclusion

All facts accounted, this is a political prosecution rather that indignation over “hate speech”.

Historically viewed, Valentina Lisitsa “attracted” attention of these people by her human rights campaigning in a variety of endeavours of international impact.

I have mentioned already her interview in Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, [11] where she described allegedly brutalities committed by member of the Battalion Azov, and that seemingly provoked a strong reaction.

Valentina Lisitsa - SWEDHR tweeter

Another of these episodes was the defence of Russian singer Anna Netrebko [image at right], who was subjected to the same kind of a smear campaign, by the very same people – for donating 17000 USD to the Donetsk Opera. And it was indeed Donetsk Opera and not other activity – as Guardian’s Shaun Walker gentlemanly admitted. Nevertheless, by advocating in defence of Anna Netrebko [image below], Lisitsa became a target herself.

Anna Netrebko

Further, the French magazine Elle run a five-page feature reportage published 14/11/2014 depicting a known female neo-Nazi from battalion “Aidar”.

Valentina translated one by one the woman’s post and send them one after the other to the editors of Elle magazine. Eventually, her campaign forced the magazine Elle to retract, removing the print issue and even issuing an apology that read, among other, “The editors of Elle as well as the two journalists who provided the news story were shocked to learn, in hindsight, the true ideological beliefs of this woman.”


Eventually, and according to information in Dailymail, this young woman, Vita Zaverukha, would have been arrested for allegedly participation in the killing of two policemen in Kiev during an armed robbery. [23]

With all, perhaps the most infuriating episode has been Valentina’s artistic presentation in Donetsk, where she went to play a concert in what she envisioned would have been a simple performance for peace.

But over 10000 people showed up for the concert. It was broadcast live by RT and many other “Pro-Russian” outlets. This was the biggest thing to upturn the Western narrative about uneducated, backward Russian- speaking population of Donbass, coal miners and factory workers, “who do not understand what’s best for them.”

Valentina Lisitsa's Donetsk concert 1

Valentina Lisitsa’s Donetsk concert. Over 10.000 in the audience

The West must have bee sincerely shocked by what they saw. People coming to the CLASSICAL music concert (Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky) as it was a great celebration, despite the artillery heard on the background. Some media – correctly – compared that concert with Shostakovich #7 premiere in besieged Leningrad: as much music as propaganda (in a good sense) showing the true spirit of people.
The above they could never forgive the great pianist, and dedicated human rights activist Valentina Lisitsa.

These are the authorized words of Valentina Lisitsa; not maliciously interpreted; not misrepresented, in her own crystal clear voice:

“The worst thing that can happen to any country is fratricide war, people seeing each other, their neighbours as enemies to be eliminated. This is what has befallen my beautiful Ukraine.”

“My heart was bleeding. You all saw on TV screens all over the world a magnificent revolution, the people of Ukraine rising in fury against their corrupt rulers, for a better life. I was so proud of my people! But the ruling class doesn’t let go easily. They managed to cunningly channel away the anger, to direct it to other, often imaginable, enemies – and worse, to turn people upon themselves. Year later, we have the same rich people remaining in power, misery and poverty everywhere, dozens of thousands killed, over a million of refugees.
So, I took to Twitter ( how many of you know I have a Twitter account? LOL) under a name “NedoUkraïnka” – a word roughly meaning “Sub-Ukrainian”, a stab at Ukrainian Prime Minister who called Russian-speaking Southern and Eastern Ukrainians “SUBHUMANS”! [26]

donesk concert 2



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