Trollhättan school-killer not ‘Jihadist’, but a white Swede with Nazi sympathies. Immigrant victims

Anton Lundin Pettersson has been identified in various main Swedish media as the perpetrator of the killings at Kronan School in Trollhättan, near Gothenburg. A school characterized by a main composition of immigrant children. The published reports have also described the ideological background or Nazi and far-right political preferences professed by the killer, including his open support to initiatives by the conservative right-wing party Social Democrats. However, these information have not been released by the The Swedish state-owned TV, Svt, in their large reporting on the case during the day [last summary viewed, Rapport news 19.30, 22 Oct, available online until 29 October 2015]. Svt says that “the information about the man is scarce” and the only information released by Svt about the killer was a man in the age range 20-30 years old, and that he was from Trollhättan”. svt om manen Eng textThis has given opportunity to international outlets and social-media actors to speculate on whether the killer would have been a “Jihadist”, or simply ignoring to publish the information already widely known in Sweden (22.00, 22-10-2015). That has been the case of Fox News.  I therefore publish translations into English of the sources I have used in my  twitter


Professorsblogg twitter 22 Oct 2015

Aftonbladet, largest selling Swedish paper, 22 October:

aftonbladet on school-killer “…After leaving high school, Anton Lundin Pettersson changed his hair style and his behavior on the Internet. According to people glose to him, he cut off his long hair and started to fancy sites and a variety of social media that glorify Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. He also supported in Facebook a petition to stop immigration to Sweden.”

[The Facebook petition is about a referendum proposition put forward by the far right-wing conservative party Sweden Democrats, the staunchest critic against the immigration policy maintained by the government of Sweden].

Expressen, 22 October:

expressen on school-killer

Expressen transl English 22 Oct 2015


UPDATE 23 October 2015

Finally Svt! to blg

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