Bildt’s Bilderberg Group at a glance

One conclusion of my book [1] on the Swedish case VS: WikiLeaks (the bogus case against Julian Assange) was that the Swedish government – their political and medial elites that obey supranational or corporate interests, or that simply have made a fetish of the notion “superpower” – have deceived the interests of the good Swedish…


“Our votes are not for sale”. On Swedish Fo.Ministry’s interferences in Switzerland’s Referendum on the Gripen Affair

    On The Meaning Of ‘To Play The Swede’. Violations Of Sweden’s Neutrality Oaths – From Jean Batiste Bernadotte To Carl Bildt   And what Swe military says when #WikiLeaks exposes their illegal arm deals?

horrifying fascist Odessa masacre 2 May 2014

The Odessa massacre of 2 May 2014. Updated evidence

New update 20 February 2015 First-hand information on how the Odessa operation was organized and executed (+18 GRAPHIC) [Update sent 19 Feb. to The Professors’ Blog by Birmingham-based HR-colleague John Goss] WARNING: This post includes documentation of most gruesome scenes at the crime scene. . Update 1 June 2014 A reply to BBC’s Tim Whewell…


Swedish Section of Amnesty International voted to reject human-right actions on cases Assange, Snowden and tortured Palestinian children

Corresponding perfectly to the paradigm shift in the Swedish government’s geopolitics from “Neutrality” to blunt US-NATO subservience, Amnesty International Sweden ceased of being a critical human rights organization – to be converted in yet another Swedish vassal institution aimed to the implementation of the US government’s agenda. It is imperative for the worldwide credibility of…

man shoted dramatic foto

The Ukraine Army’s slaughter of Mariupol civilians 9 May 2014: unarmed civilians shot at & killed at close range

Update 24 January 2015 Posted down below url-links to four videos documenting the Mariupol massacre. See ‘References, sources‘ Update 5 September 2014 As the ceasefire project approaches, military forces of the DNR maintain a heavy encircling against the Ukraine army and Azov Battalion troops in Mariupol. Recent information quoting DPR sources (see above), states that…