1,5 Million Swedes and THE UNCONTROLLED non-refugee migrant influx into Sweden

DN image – MigranterEU2

By Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli

Originally published as Twitter-post, for which details of the author’s position are limited by space.

'vad var det vi sa'

References & Notes

1. PM Stefan Löfven used the expression “Sweden has been naïve” in a televised press conference. It is reproduced in Aftonbladet: “Stefan Löfven: ”Sverige har varit för naiva”, 19 Nov 2015.

2. On the percentage of migrants without identification documents. The value “84,4 per cent” is the median value in the series considering the countries of origin – as declared by the migrants- in which ISIS is active. I.e. Syria (69 %), Iraq (93 %), Turkey (89 %).

3. The figure “40,000 migrants not asking for asylum”, according to declarations done by representatives of the Swedish Police, SvT, 10 Oct. Cited in M. Ferrada de Noli, Swedish Doctors for Human Rights propose a redefinition of the concept political refugee and the asylum eligibility criteria, NewsVoice, 14 Oct 2015. [In Swedish: Se över kriterierna för asyl, Västerbottens Kuriren, 14 Oct 2015].

4. The figure 14,000 migrants not found by the police is sourced in the article, Aftonbladet avslöjar: 14 000 flyktingar är spårlöst försvunna, 27 Nov 2015.

5. Sweden Democrats the 3rd largest party, with 19,9 per cent of voters if national polls would have taken place November 2015, in SD rusar i SCB-mätning, DN, i Dec 2015. DN graphic here, down below.

6. The figure “1,5 Million Swedes” correspond to the 19,9 percent of the total individuals (N= 7 330 432) participating in the 2014 national elections. The exact figure corresponding to 19% is n= 1 458 755.

7. “What was it what we said” was a reply by Björn Söder to journalists interviewing him during the SD convention in Lund, Nov 2015.

Swedish parties' sympathizers Nov 2015

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