Dramatic pictorial of the recent bombardment by Ukraine forces on Donetsk Hospital N23, Gorlovka School N°15, and other civil areas

On July 19, 2015, Ukraine government’s forces initiated anew the bombardment of civilian targets in Donetsk and Gorlovka. For this they used artillery pieces of 152 mm, that have been banned in the agreement on ceasefire – namely, these heavy weaponry were supposed have been withdrawn from the operation’s scenario. This entails a double war-crime: a) the targets: the hospital, school and civilian areas hit elsewhere; b) the weaponry used, banned by the agreement.

The Professors’ Blog have used several, independent sources for this pictorial. We have also included a video (uploaded by Patrick Lancaster) documenting the shelling on the hospital.

hospital shelled in donetsk

donetsk hospital

hospital shelled above view

Click on still below to see a video documenting the shelling of Donetsk Hospital N23

Hospital shelled video still

school 15 gorlovka

debris in Donetsk

donetsk 5 - 96020555098922550_n donetsk 4 -6077799235063105_n donetsk 0 - 12710909075719_n donetsk 3 9199094488261_n dontesk 2 09877097336440_n donetsk 1_n

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