“Men are animals”

Eva Lundgren and Margareta Winberg receive the “Woman’s Deed of the Year Award” by the state-sponsored national feminist organization ROKS

all men are animals

By Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli

The association ROKS (Riksorganisationen för kvinnojourer i Sverige) is a nation-wide extremist feminist organization – in fact the largest feminist organization in Sweden of that kind – financed by the Swedish government.

Originally instituted to give clandestine shelter to ”women victims of rape and abuse” it has also been publicly signalled [12] of unlawful behaviour with regard of cases described more as ”abduction” than ”protection”. The Wikipedia article on ROKS states that the organization has been described as “a society of extreme feminists which believe in stories of Satanic-related paedophile networks”.[13]  This is the reproduction fidelis of  the thesis by Eva Lundgren as developed fundamentally in her book “Let the children come to me”.

In true, the organization ROKS have published several of the articles among the “scientific production” handed over by Eva Lundgren during the investigation on scientific fraud at Uppsala University (see below).

As previously reported in Professors blogg, during the much debated documentary produced for the Swedish Television by Evin Rubar [photo at right] et al. “The Gender War”, the President of ROKS, at the time Ireen Von Wachenfeldt, stated unambiguously “Men are animals”. As there has been much debate as to where the documentary really reflected what Roks leadership said in the program, I transcribe here two excerpts of the pertinent dialogue as it actually took place. This dialogue did not appear in full in the TV documentary and is taken from the transcription done by the Swedish Television as published in Expressen. [14]


Evin Rubar

[EV= Evin Rubar; IW= Ireen Von Wachenfeld]:

ER:  Here, in your (ROKS’s) published magazine, it is written, “to call a man an animal is flattering. He is a machine, a mobile dildo, an emotional parasite” Why do you write such a thing in your magazine?

IW:  Well, but it is taken from men’s thinking

ER:  Yes, but this is indeed what you write about men

IW:  Yes

ER:  Is this the way you see upon men?

IW: Yes

Irenee v W

ER:  At this (statement), that men are animals and machines and mobile dildos, do you stand for?

IW:  Yes, I stand for

ER:  (That) men are animals

IW:  Men are animals, don’t you think so? don’t you think so?

In fact, according to a political agreement at government level between the Swedish Left Party (formerly “Left Party – The Communists”, Vänsterpartiet Kommunisterna), the Green Party and the Social democratic Party, ROKS was assigned 100 million Swedish kr. as year budget directly from public funds. Neither this aspect has ever been reviewed in Sweden. In the Wikipedia article on ROKS, the organization refers stating the old Lundgren’s cliché “men’s violence against women, rape, incest, prostitution and pornography are caused by the unbalanced gender-related distribution of power existing in society”. [15]

Eva Lundgren received in 2002 [16] the organization ROKS’s highest award “Woman’s Deed of the Year” on the base of her book “Slagen dam” (“The beaten lady”).  ROKS stated solemnly: “For the authors of Slagen dam have done such invaluable contribution to the understanding of men’s violence against women” [17]

However, “Slagen dam” is one of the works most harsh criticized by the committee investigating her academic deeds in Uppsala [18]. The critic referred to untrue statistics  both in terms of exaggerating figures of women that would have been subjected to abuse, and on deliberately omissions regarding the characteristics of the sampling reported.

Margareta WinbergFor her part, Margareta Winberg, the social democratic politician and staunch supporter of Eva Lundgren was also awarded ROKS highest prize “Woman’s Deed of the Year” the year after, 2003. Another “winner” was Monica Dahlström-Lannes, the radical feminist activist associated with the social democratic Justice Minister Thomas Bodström (co-owner and partner in the law firm with Claes Borgström, instigators of the accusations against Julian Assange ) in ECPACT. Monica Dahlström-Lannes is the one who instigated the rape-accusations against the Chilean political refugee and celebrity opera-tenor Tito Beltrán in a case that bears notable similarities [19] with the procedures in the Swedish case against Julian Assange. Lawyer of the plaintiff was the Justice Minister Thomas Bodström himself.


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