Essential clarifications on the so-called “Refugee” crisis

By Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli

A principal confusion in the debate around the “Refugee Crisis” is due to the confusion between, or misusing of, the concepts “migrant” and “refugee”. Added the misuse from the part of authorities, politicians and media of the Right to Asylum as defined in the United Nation’s Refugee Convention. The concept “refugee” is constricted to those individuals been subject of persecution on reasons of political activities, etc. [See here below]. On the other hand, any person has the right to emigrate to any point in the world for social, economic or personal motivation. Nonetheless, EU countries must distinguish such migrants from refugees, most specifically true political refugees. A precise normative distinction between these categories can certainly help to secure a fairer selection process on behalf of the truly persecuted.

refugee definition - United Nations Refugee Convention 1951 - Ferrada de Noli

Statement on difference between migrants & refugees

bistånd vs 2mgrant upph

false-flag text on 'refugee crisis'

swedhr in newsvoice 14 oct 2015

Swedish Doctors for Human Rights propose a redefinition of the concept political refugee and the asylum eligibility criteria


Click on image above, for the video

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