Debunking ‘West media’ disinformation campaign on the shelling by Ukraine forces against the Donetsk population


On the 4th of November Poroshenko strongly reacts on the DPR and LPR polls confirming sovereignty wishes from an overwhelming majority of the citizens.  He calls a meeting of the defence and security council to adopt retaliation measures. Caption of image in the news dispatch reads: “Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko speaks during the meeting of national security council in the capital Kiev on November 4, 2014.[Photo: CFP]

poro after the polls in donetsk


After the meeting referred above, on the same 4th of November Poroshenko orders the massive moving of troops, artillery and armored vehicles to the regions of Donetsk and Luhanksk.

UPi informs:

Ukr trrops moveThe Guardian expressly reveals that the Ukraine army troops are sent to Donbass “in case” rebels attack. This was to shoot on their feet by the Guardian, because it is the admission that troops were not send as a response to actual renewed hostilities from the part of ‘the rebels’. In fact the ceasefire was broken at arrival of Poroshenko’s troops –  and in the form of  a massive shelling.

!guardian 4 november


On the 5th of November Poroshenko forces began pounding Donetsk with massive shelling.

5th novThe cover-up by “West media” and NATO’s ‘Human-Rights’ organizations such as Amnesty International on the above mentioned war-crime, began almost simultaneous the news spread worldwide on the School Nr 65 massacre. This despite it has been established around three weeks prior that deed, that another school has been hit by Ukraine shells.

Amnesty International “informed” very shortly after, using a headline on the tragic death of the kids, that “both sides are responsible for ceasefire violations”, without referring from where the shelling came from. The report from Amnesty (see image below) repeated that message in several occasions. This in spite they report themselves having Amnesty International people monitoring event in very Donetsk who easily could have confirmed the direction of the impacts in reference of the positioned artillery by the Ukrainias, outside Donetsk! With that leaving open the “explanation”, synchronized with the exploitation by Kiev of such speculations, on  that the Donetsk partisans are shelling themselves. Same absurd, and vilifying, “boomerang” thesis they used at the massacre of Odessa in May 2014.

screenshot Amnesty


And then the disinformation began

7 novtweet 9 nov


In fact, what “West media” intends to cover are the war crimes perpetrated by Poroshenko forces in Ukraine, which were recently confirmed by the OCDE investigation:

crimes agst humanitytweet OCDE on school shelling

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