The brave anti-war crusade of Viktoria Shilova, who demands Poroshenko’s government to stop the civil war against the people of Donbass.

The Professors Blog publishes new updates on the struggle in Ukraine by the Kiev-based ANTIWAR movement lead by Victoria Shilova, member of the Dnipropetrovsk City Council.

UPDATE 20 July 2015:

Ukraine. Six regions are demanding federalization.

6 regions for federalizationClick on image above for the video (French subtitles). Here a translation into English of the subtitles:

“Good day, my name is Victoria Shilova, I’m a leader of the Antiwar movement and a a deputy at the Regional Council of Dniepropetrovsk. Tne parade of regions that demand their independence has thus commenced in Ukranie. No one wishes to live according to the laws of the Kiev oligarchy. It is Kiev, which kills its countrymen in Donbas, which asphyxiates its people and enterprises with the additional taxes on the retirement pensions – those that cannot afford to buy medicines because of the exorbitant prices; [It is Kiev] that deprives the young generations of any future.

Who would live under the protectorate of the Poroshenkos, Yatsenuk, Groisman? Those who fill their pockets sucking Ukraine up to the bone?

Ivano-Frankosvk and Zaporojié have declared today that they want to have a “special statute”. Previously, the Dniepropetrovsk region demanded the same statute. The ANTIWAR movement, and myself, that have worked on that project. Odessa has declared that they want to be beneficiaries of the Droit de Magdebourg. Lvov also demands the Droit de Magdebourg.

[The Droit de Magdebourg is a legislation system by which the economic activities, the rights on property, the social and political life of a city are ruled by it own system of juridical norms.]

Nikoläv has raised a similar demand. More and more regions do not wish to be subjected to Kiev economic rule; a Kiev that has ruined Ukraine; which has squeezed [the country] as if where a lemon; it has humiliated the Ukrainians and transformed them into a sub-race, into oligarchs’ slaves.

What will happen? It is going to be worse and worse.”

[Final subtitles – aprox. 18 per cent of the video – not translated].

UPDATE 20 July 2015:

ANTIWAR leader Victoria Shilova confronts Maidan propagandists with war-mutilated child victim

Click on image below for the video

victoria shilova - July 2015

 UPDATE 19 July 2015:

victoria shilova

“Victoria, what are the objectives of your ANTIWAR movement? Why did you create it?”

– “Very simple. This is a peoples’ movement, and it is aimed at ending the war in the Donbas. This is due to the fact that the troops of the Ukrainian army and so-called battalions are being used against the civilian population. I can understand when a man with a gun fights against the man with the rifle, but I can’t understand when they mutilate corpses of women and children, including pregnant women – spreading in Lugansk and Donetsk. And when I saw the first pictures of the first bombing, I thus decided to organize the people. And it is precisely why such a movement was organised in Kiev. Now we have build it up in other 25 cities.”

(From an interview with Victoria Shilova. Original in Russian at Виктория Шилова: “Богдан Хмельницкий уже родился”).

UPDATE 30 January 2015, and other earlier updates:

Viktoria Shilova, MP at Dnipropetrovsk (Member of the Dnipropetrovsk City Council), is now awaiting trial for opposing the mobilization of the Ukrainian army against the people of Donbass (see Video-transcription below). Sources in social media have indicated she might be facing a 8 years-sentence.

SEE THE FULL UPDATE AT Viktoria Shilova, leader of ANTIWAR, facing prosecution in Ukraine. Freedom of Speech, hypocrite “JeSuisCharlie”-friends”?

These are important testimonies by a nation-wide known MP at Dnipropetrovsk City Council, Ms. Viktoria Shilova. She addressed the public on video, about essential issues of the ongoing civil war in Eastern Ukraine. Her speech also contains valuable information on the  numbers of casualties sustained by the Ukrainian army during the “ATO” campaigns up to August 2014. This gives an insight on the procedures by which the Poroshenko-regime  has been concealing to the public the true extent of the casualties by the Ukraine army. Here below a transcript oh her brave anti-war speech.

Prof Ferrada de Noli on Twitter. Viktoria Shilova anti-war speech - videoNote: The transcription below is a corrected text of the one appeared in the English subtitles of a video posted by Anti-Maidan in YouTube. The texts in cursive correspond to uncertain syntax found in the speech’s original translation, and which I have adapted to the context-meaning of the sentence/paragraph./ Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli, publisher of The Professors’ Blog.


viktoriaHello, my name is Victoria Shilova, “I’m a member of the Ukrainian Parliament, representing the Dnepropetrovskaya district.” Editor’s Note: This text which appears in the YouTube-video translation – see image at right – is seemingly incorrect. Ms. Shilova is instead – according to ” Шилова, Виктория Витальевна(Victoria Shilova biographical article in Wikipedia (Rus – “Member of the Dnipropetrovsk City Council.“] I will speak in Russian, so all the Slavic brothers could understand me.

So, do Ukrainian people want war?

Please ask yourself this question first. Do you want war? Do you want innocent people to die? Do you want your relatives, family members, kids, husband or wife, your grandmother or grandfather to be killed? I’m one hundred per cent sure that your answer is NO.

Then what, for the past 4 months, has happened in Ukraine? I call it a civil war, definitely not any anti-terror operation. In my eyes, only swat teams or anti-terror units could perform an anti-terror operation. How could be possible living over eight million terrorist in Donbass?

Eight million terrorists, on its (own Ukrainian) soil, that is what Poroshenko is calling. Including infants and elderly people. What do you think, can a disabled person fire an anti-air defence system? Or may be it is an infant, like Egor Aleksandrov, who got killed in his mother’s arms. Simply killed near Kramatorsk city, was he holding a gun? Of course not.

Today the murderers are in our government.

We, the Ukranian People, replaced Yanukovich-the-thief (the former president) with Poroshenko the killer! And today, our government think that the majority of Ukrainian people are brainwashed by the propaganda of the national television. I would like to disappoint them: the latest independent social poll [show that] 75% of the Ukrainian people are against the war.

Most of them are afraid to say their opinion in public, because they could be imprisoned, interrogated, kidnapped or even killed Anything can happen in Ukraine today, because we replaced thieves with killers!

So, what happens in Donbass? 8 million people are under fire; they call me a terrorist, but what they will say of what the Ukranian soldiers from the 72nd, 79th and 24th brigades are doing, when they come back? What does Nadezhda Savchenko say? Right, she says that in Donbass do live the same Ukrainians, our brothers, same people that live in Lviv, in Ivano-Frankovsk and in Kiev, and they are definitely not terrorists!

They are rebels, miners, and our citizens. But of course this is not shown on our national TV. Just because all these TV channels are owned by oligarchs! All of our national TV is owned by our biggest enemy-oligarchs.

And the oligarchs?

They are bloodsuckers. Like vampires, they suck our blood, the blood of Ukraine’s people.

For 23 years they have sucked our soul, but it is not enough for them. And now from virtual bloodsucking they have come to suck real blood, the blood of our children in Donbass, the blood of our mothers and sisters, of our sons, husbands and wives.

On the real number of casualties in the Ukraine war:

Do you know what are the real numbers of killed civilians? I will tell you. And it is the truth. There are about 6,000 civilians killed. Everyday about 170 to 200 people are being killed. The Ukrainian army is killing them with 122mm multiple rocket launchers, just because they are being told they are fighting Russian terrorists. Just because so were told by Porosenko and the national TV.

But as time passes our army realizes what it is really happening in Donbass. And everybody who has experienced the bloody war is now starting to tell the truth; against Poroshenko. They say that in Donbass they confront Ukranian people. They say that we should start negotiations. We should stop this bloody civil war.

And now. Let’s talk about casualties in the Ukrainian army:

viktoria shilova on Ukr army casualtiesIt is about 11,000 lost soldiers. It can be proved by hacked e-mail of the Ukrainian ministry of defence. And about 19,000 if we count lost and injured soldiers.

Injured that are in hospital; but what about injured that were left behind?

And what about others, who say the truth, and being sent to mental hospitals?


Ukrainians, Ukrainian people around the world: I beg you to break the Ukrainian propaganda.

My heart suffers for people from Lviv, Drobovoche, Lugansk and Donetsk.

But today my heart hurts for people of Donetsk and Lugansk. Because children are being killed there.

And now mothers, I ask you, what would you say to this new president if your house is ruined, or worse, if your children were killed?

Would you support him? Of course not. That’s why his support is falling down, and it will continue to fall, because he is covered in blood.

And when deaths of innocent people are higher than 22,000 – including the army’s – it is impossible to hide the truth. The truth is coming out by itself and that is why we start to see a different point of view. Not only in Russia, but as well in Europe and USA. German journalists, British, Italian, and French are protesting against the war in Donbass, againts Poroshenko – who kills his own people. So what did we do, and what I, Viktoria Shilova, did? We prepared a document and gave it to the best independent lawyers in Ukraine, for them to address this matter upon our courts. And do you know what is written there?

We demand to be ruled that it is unconstitutional to perform the so-called anti-terror operation in Donbass. We demand to prosecute the people who are involved in breaking our constitution; the members of the Ukrainian Parliament who unlawfully voted in congress. They, unlawfully, approved the petitions signed by Poroshenko on the so called anti-terror operation. This constitutes unlawfully use of the Ukrainian Army against the civilian population of Ukraine.

We don’t have war. We have not officially declared martial war. Since the Martial law is not officially in effect, how could you use Ukrainian army on the territory of Donbass? Unlawful use of military reserve. And by the constitution, any Ukrainian citizen can defend himself against any aggression, protect his life.

An army cannot harm its own citizens on its soil. And it is written in our constitution. Please open this golden book, the constitution book, and see for yourself. But unfortunately we replaced the government of thieves with the government of murderers. And now blood spills all over in our country, Ukraine.

I’m addressing to all people of Ukraine.

To all who respect Bogdan Hmelnickiy, Taras Shevchenko, and to all who remember the Yellow-Blue flag created by Grushevskiy. I’m addressing to all the 75 per cent of Ukrainians who are against the war, who are for peace:

We should unite and demand the new elected government to respect the law and the constitution.

Stop the so-called anti-terror operation, the bloody civil war. And start negotiating. Do provide humanitarian aid; do help people survive the catastrophe.

To those fighting along with Poroshenko:

Why are you fighting along with Poroshenko against children of Donbass?

You can’t do it, for you will be prosecuted. People pay the price for these inhuman errors. Hague tribunal is waiting for you. That’s why our army wouldn’t listen to you anymore. And that’s why military mobilization doesn’t help you anymore. Day by day, people realize and find the truth, they don’t want to be part of your murders.

[I have changed syntaxes in the whole following paragraph, following Viktoria Shilova’s direct addressing in section above].

To the oligarchs:

You, who accumulate your capital everyday, started this war. You are the one who need this war, because then you can blame war for the economic crisis, for all what really started the war. Ukraine is in bloodshed now, thanks to you.

But Ukrainian people are against the war. Ukrainians don’t want the war.

But we want peace.



Please, let’s unite.

Let’s protest against this war. Let us be heard, just like during the Vietnam War.


How long will you be bombing us? How long will you be shooting at us?

How long?

We are being bombed for months.

Please stop this! I cannot believe that you don’t have any kindness in you.

Are you not human?

What are you doing? Shooting, bombing on us?

What are you doing?

 Viktoria Shilova

new viktoria corrected2

One thought on “The brave anti-war crusade of Viktoria Shilova, who demands Poroshenko’s government to stop the civil war against the people of Donbass.

  1. Viktoria Shilova, what a Beautiful Woman and Decent Person you are, I applaud you for your Bravery and for speaking out against this disgusting War the US EU Nato supported Poroshenko continues to pursue against his own People , People that simply protested against being ruled by any part of a Coup regime who overthrew their Elected Govt and who uses Nazi battalions against them , thankfully due to you and People like you that speak the truth and are not fooled by the US influenced Oligarch Medias ,People are realizing as you stated ,that Woman and Children they kill with their Genocide actions are not terrorist , this is all fabricated lies and he thinks by calling 8 Million People Terrorist , ( told to by the Americans no doubt ) it gives him the right to conduct this genocide program and steal their land and very existence..
    Now thankfully so many there in Ukraine itself realize and others like myself in the West who have known the truth are saying the Donbass People have all the right to defend themselves against this outright evil and rightfully so, why should they just allow this evil to squash them in to the same ground that they and their Families have lived on and defended for Centuries..
    I have friends in Lugansk and last year this time my Beautiful friend and her Family disappeared for 10 weeks and God speared them thankfully in that Basement , her Grandmother was a Child within the same Bunker during the 2nd World War sheltering from the German Nazis , and now she again as an Elderly is being attacked even with the Minx truce in place ,( what a one sided joke that is ,the controlled OSCE know it as there’s only one gutless attacking force lobbing mines and bombs daily in to the Donbass ) the Ukrainian Far Right Nazis ,Battalions Azor and Aidar who the US EU and Nato obvious support as continue to train and arm them, these scum are the worst soulless attackers.
    Like you said Viktoria , Poroshenko and his Henchmen replaced a Govt of Thieves with a Govt of Killers, but I will go even further than that and call them an even worse replicated Thieving Govt , putting the Country in so much debt to the vultures at the IMF , spending $10 million a day on weapons with money lent to it by the IMF , they the IMF are conducting an International Crime themselves as is against International Law to fund a War . Yes Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk are not only thieves and indebting the people to IMF slavery, but are outright Murderers as well.
    I am shocked but also not surprised to hear they have sadly arrested you and absolutely denounce your arrest for telling nothing but the truth the whole truth so help you God.
    They sadly within Govt there today are trained by the US EU Nato and of course Israel to tell lies, more lies, and make those lies big lies and tell them as truths , so to help their Satan . I pray our Universal God of Good, will protect you from their God of evil and hope International pressure and sanity will prevail and have you released as soon as possible

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