War Crimes in Ukraine

civil victims in mariupolAbove: Two of the civilians killed in the shelling of Mariupol 24 January 2015. Leaders of Donetsk People’s Republic inform that the fire on Mariupol came from an area controlled by the Ukrainian army.


statement by the professors' blogg on mariupol

Documenting human-rights violations in Ukraine 2014 – 2015

By Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli

war crimes in ukraine

Here I post a link-list reporting severe human-right violations and war crimes perpetrated in 2014, ordered by the Government of Ukraine, or by fascist organizations that form part of the government. It should be noted that the Ukrainian putsch – an event that initiated the current civil war and the massacres in Donbass – was engineered/supported by the US and by the current Swedish government of ruler Carl Bildt (fortunately not any longer Sweden’s minister of foreign affairs). The material below has been documented at The Professors Blog – On Human Rights For All. All sources given.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is only the INDEX of the posts in which I have documented the listed war crimes. Each incident-report (with respective photos and videos) can be reached separately through the links posted here, below the respective photos.




A H-Rights appeal based on most gruesome video of Poroshenko’s slaughter in Eastern Ukraine. Warning for images


persons 3&4

Documenting war crimes in East Ukraine. A whole family massacred in attack on Donetsk suburbs. WARNING for horrifying images!


coldwar n2 ew

New images on the ethnic cleansing in East Ukraine


shall not be forgotten

Inna Kukuruza shall not be forgotten


missiles 9

The Ukraine Junta’s Air Force massacre of unarmed civilians in Luhansk, 2 June 2014


horrifying fascist Odessa masacre 2 May 2014

The Ukraine fascists’ Odessa massacre of 2 May 2014. Updated evidence


mariupol 3  massacre

The Ukraine Army’s slaughter of Mariupol civilians 9 May 2014: unarmed civilians shot at & killed at close range




A sequence of War Crimes: Poroshenko’s army shelling of vast residential areas in Donetsk & towns around, 18 Jan 18th 2015

Prof Ferrada de Noli in Twitter. Tought cronfronted harshest military

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