Couldn’t find words STRONG enough to legally blog away my CONTEMPT on the kypocrite misuse of the Paris tragedy. So I just say: I am not Charlie

Hypocrisy is the true sister of evil

One main reflection I have had on some Western media reporting – supported by events I have endured personally during the Resistance times – is that Fascist-prone journalists are also cruelty-prone. It might constitute a recognition feature of their public personalities. I mean, it seems on their writing that they get pathological satisfaction of hurting other people’s cherished concept of honour or innermost believes. As some may favour physical cruelty, others do the mocking, the collective mobbing, which is equally cruel. Or perhaps is just an expression of their cultural-racist stance.

This is what I think when I read some editorials and articles of some main Swedish media outlets, such as Dagens Nyheter and Swedish TV-News. Others media do not get along with this manipulation, and one prominent example is Aftonbladet.

I personally condemn terrorism in all its expressions, inclusive State-terrorism. And I do not fancy religions of any sort.  At the same time, I do make a difference between law-abiding, peaceful Muslim believers (and law-abiding, peaceful Christians or Jews), and fundamentalist-extremists. I have expressed my stance on world religions elsewhere, as I have done it about terrorism.

My statements on the hypocrisy around the Paris events:

Prof Ferrada de Noli on Twitter – Freedom of ExpressionM. Ferrada de Noli says on Freedom of Speech

Je ne suis pas Charlie

I am NOT Charlie


I am not a fascist. Hence, I believe in preserving FREEDOM of Speech.

Which is the opposite of negating the freedom for others to express the speech of their hearts.

I say, as all may believe that the speech of the mind is the word, some may believe that pray is the speech of the soul. 

And it is not the terrorist’s pray. It is the quiet call of the peaceful believer, asking society their faith shall be respected, for he/she does respect likewise.

I am referring to those who suffer their honour in deep offense, their cherished believes blasphemed, their tears uncomforted.

I understand them, as I would understand terrified Christians in the Catacombs. Even not being myself religious.

Even if innermost I doubt whether any religion have contributed to societies’ progress, instead to its destruction.


And because:

Those journalists, publicists, cartoonists, and those elites which have usurped cultural power to lead the mob to further making mockery – of those that ‘happen to be’ the immigrants, the coloured, the poor, and the cultural stigmatised.

Who are they? They are individuals at a fascist-inspired media uttering defence of a freedom of speech that they violate relentlessly. Instead, their motivation is to ‘legally’ insult those who they despise.

It is the coward’s ‘contempt for the weak’. Not only a speech without human solidarity; it is their fascist soul deprived of compassion. In sum, it is their innermost psychopathic CRUELTY – fascism’s trademark.

That is why I take from them the longest distance. For I am the opposite: I am NOT Charlie.



rothschild - Prof Ferrada de Noli on Twitter

read my statement why I am not charlie

3 thoughts on “Couldn’t find words STRONG enough to legally blog away my CONTEMPT on the kypocrite misuse of the Paris tragedy. So I just say: I am not Charlie

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  2. My sentiments exactly. Funny, how when I bring up similar stories or opinions here in America I get the pushback of supporting terrorist. Of course I don’t support terrorist and as a Muslim and a Black American I’m becoming very resentful of having to constantly say I’m not that way or this way because of stereotypes.

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