Was Poroshenko’s assault on Donetsk devised to allege prolonging of EU-sanctions on Russia on the 19 of January?

EU sanctions on Russia NOT lifted

By Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli

The background.

[In this background text, excerpts  from my post  A sequence of War Crimes: Poroshenko’s army shelling of vast residential areas in Donetsk & towns around, 18 Jan 18th 2015, published earlier today.]

On a series I posted on Twitter last week, I have been warned on Posroshenko’s intentions to re-initiate his “ATO” offensive in Eastern Ukraine. It was not a difficult guessing.

Firstly, hiUkr amb in TRKs campaign-army in Eastern Ukraine received recently new military equipment. At the same time, the ambassador of Ukraine in Turkey declared last week that NATO was funding new equipment and training.

Secondly, Poroshenko himself declared (in the middle of the ongoing talks-process for peace)  that in 2015 he would be achieving, militarily, “total victory”. This was a clear sign that operations will be set in motion by Kiev, regardless the ongoing peace-talks.

Finally, Kiev rejected just days before the assault on Donetsk, Putin’s bid directed to the belligerent parties (the Ukraine government and the Popular Democratic Republics in the Donbass region) regarding the evacuation of heavy artillery form the the ‘war-zone’, which has become in fact besieged towns and other civil populates areas in Donbass.

On January 17-18 2015 the Ukraine forces integrated by military regulars, drafted soldiers plus variety of fascists battalions  and militias financed by local oligarchs, initiated their offensive in Donetsk. The Western media have of course solely distributed the NATO/Kiev version, on that it was an operation aimed to recapture the Donetsk airport (sic). No media outlet has commented on the zero strategic value of an airport which by the time of the new offensive it was already totally destroyed,  and hence, not useful for any possible air-traffic. In other words, Western media did not inform on the real tactical aims of this US-advised, or perhaps led, war operation: a) to send a massage to the international community on that is war – not peace talks – that is ongoing in Eastern Ukraine; b) to attempt morally decimate the civil population of Donetsk and areas in the periphery – for these peoples are the backbone of the Democratic Republic in Donbass. The ultimate tactical means to serve such operation was the shelling, missile impacting, and bombing of dense civilian populated areas, e.g. apartment-buildings.

Yet the operation had seemingly a main strategic aim, an aim of geopolitical value: to serve as pretext for the anti-Russia decisions taken at EU-level, by the same bosses that control the puppet government of Kiev (and finance its economic deficit, and fund its military grown).

Facts of the Ukrainian military assault on Donetsk 17 January, and the decision of the EU foreign ministers 19 January, seems to correlate:

The European government’s decision of today Monday 19 Jan, of NOT lifting the sanctions against Russia, was alleged on “the current military situation in Donetsk.”

For instance, according to the Swedish TV-news envoy in Brussels, Holland Foreign Minister declared, “the Donetsk incidents show it is too early for a lifting of the sanctions against Russia.” [Swedish-TV “Rapport” 19 Jan. 2015, 19:30 edition].

! Rapport 19 jan 2015Likewise, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told reporters after the Brussels talks, “In light of the current events in eastern Ukraine, no one had the idea of loosening the sanctions.” [Source here].

And, bizarre as it reads, to exhibit “proof” of these military incidents, Swedish TV shows in the news today the destruction of a market in Northern Donetsk – not mentioning that it was in fact the result of the Ukraine Army shelling.

Neither says the media that the prolongation of the sanctions was requested to EU leaders by the US government. It is EU backing the US-sanctions, not the other way around. Neither has ever been mentioned that Kiev’s economic survival has entirely become dependent of the EU and US aid. In addition, It was recently made public (by the Ukrainian ambassador to Turkey), that NATO will be funding the ‘progress’ of Poroshenko’s army.

Being the fact that the above-mentioned “incidents” (meaning the bombardment of Donetsk and towns around, implemented in coordination with the Ukrainian army’s attempt to recapture Donetsk airport) was totally the initiative of the Kiev government; it would be fair to conclude the following:

  • The puppet government of Ukraine got the order from their bosses at OTAN / EU to launch the assault on Donetsk 17-18 January. The dramatic events brought about by Poroshenko’s military assault became the “incidents in Donetsk” used by EU to legitimate the continuation of sanctions against Russia.

  • These events were a combination of a) ‘military dramaturgic’ at Donetsk airport magnified by Western media, and b) vast shelling of civil residential areas and other towns in the region.

  • But the sanctions against Russia has NOTHING to do with the “Ukraine crisis”. The truth: US, EU and NATO need the deterioration of the Russian economy for own market gains, and to help future plans of a capitalist war against the never forgotten, neither forgiven “Soviet Union” threat.


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