Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt accused of corruption

Aftonbladet on georgia ex-minister acussation on Bildt

Editor’s Note: According to the Aftonbladet investigation, the deal between KREAB and Georgia consisted of providing international support to the Saakashvili regime. Task that Bildt, for his part, has served both as Sweden’s Foreign Minister and in his blogging and Tweeter. KREAB is a company significantly composed by, and strongly associated to, the Swedish main government party – the Moderates (right-wing conservatives). [1] This is the political party of Carl Bildt and Frederik Reinfeldt. According to the Swedish article in Wikipedia, the company, which original full name is “Creative Information” has offices in a variety of countries, in cities such as Washington DC, Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Beijing, Bryssel, Canberra, Copenhagen, Dubai, Frankfurt, Helsingfors, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Jeddah, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Milano, New York, Oslo, Paris, Riyadh, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, and Tokyo. /Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli.

AB fascml - Englisg transltAbove: Professors’ Blog translation of screen-still from Aftonbladet.se. Swedish original in References down below

Excerpts from the Aftonbladet article: [2]

News 2014-09-10
Georgian ex-minister: “Carl Bildt is corrupt”
Aftonbladet reveals secret transfers to KREAB

Carl Bildt acquired Georgian government as a customer for PR firm Kreab and has since supported the President Mikheil Saakashvili politically.

Now Aftonbladet reveal that transfers totaling SEK 20 million was made by the regime to KREAB – in just one year.

– Bildt is corrupt, says Georgi Chaindrava, ex-minister of Saakasjviliregeringen.

As previously told by Aftonbladet, the  PR firm Kreab, closely associated with the Moderates, got a contract with Saakasjviliregimen in 2006. Responsible for recruitment was the then President of KREAB, Carl Bildt.

Kreab role was  to help the Georgian regime with contacts with politicians and the media, that the regime’s “story would be told in the media in a way that was good.”

Aftonbladet can now reveal the secret documents were stamped by President Saakashvili as “top secret.”

It is about fourteen transfers totaling 4.5 million Georgian lari, representing more than 18 million SEK, from the Georgian government to KREAB from December 2006 to December 2007.former georgia minist

Transfers are signed by then-Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Nugaideli and goes through Belgian ING Bank Georg Danell, then Brussels Manager at KREAB.

A letter from Danell to the Prime Minister in 2008 also shows that KREAB under the contract would be paid a fixed monthly amount of 1 million dollars and additionally additional amount for “special projects”.

Such was commissioned in January and February 2008 – during the presidential election, which was accused of  being fraudulent.

In addition to private, unofficial visits, Bildt as foreign minister made fourteen official visit to the small republic.

Bildt has also extensively supported Mikhail Saakashvili. After the Swedish ambassador Hans-Gunnar Adén reported suspected fraud in the 2008 elections, he was sent home to Sweden. Bildt blogged “The result of the election can not be put in question.” Later, international election observers reported been in consensus with Aden, on that irregularities occurred during the election.

Georgi Chaindrava was a Member of Parliament and during two rounds minister in the government of Georgia, later conflict resolution minister under President Mikheil Saakashvili in 2008.

The ex.ministers claims:
“Bildt is corrupt”


[1] Wikipedia article on Kreab, Swedish version. Retrieved 10 September 2014,  19.13 PM

wikipedia Swe on Kreab

[2] “Georgisk Lisa ex-minister: ”Carl Bildt är korrupt”, Aftonbladet, 10 Sept 2014

swe AL on bildt

2 thoughts on “Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt accused of corruption

  1. I was about to read this article (I am Georgian), but when I came to the name of “minister” Khaindrava I just stopped reading. This is your source? you could do better guys. If there were world championship in conspiracy theory – this “minister” would become ultimate champion of all times! He is notorious for total lack of any sense of cause and effect whatsoever.
    And just to harm former President Saakashvili? he will do anything for that, just anything. Carl Bildt’s being corrupted is nothing comparing to all that stupid nonsense he was feeding whole country from TV in 2008, before the elections.

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