What Hidden Dangers Now Await Assange? By Andrew Kreig

Washington-based Justice Integrity Project comments media reports on Assange’s stance and his asylum situation.

Editor’s note: The Professors Blogg proudly republishes Justice Integrity Project (JIP) Editor’s Choice of 18 August 2014, authored by JIP Director Andrew Kreig, journalist and attorney. Enticing columns by Andrew Kreig, who also authored in 2013 the acclaimed book Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters, have been published several times  in the Huffington Post, OpEdNews, Connecticut Watchdog, Washingotn’s Blog and Project Censore, as well as in The Professors’ Blog.

Andre Kreig’s text below refers the situation of Journalist and Publisher Julian Assange, at present in political asylum at the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

logo_dc049874f1909bd8277ea1fcefd45712d354188e_251x104The Justice Integrity Project is a research and education initiative established in 2010 by concerned citizens to improve oversight of prosecution and judicial decisions suspected as abusive. Its primary focus is political and other arbitrary prosecutions, and official corruption cases. The Project promotes effective oversight, educates the public and its opinion-leaders and works with legal officials, organizations, and voters to increase awareness of how injustice harms the country.

assange new conf london

Editor’s Choice:  What Hidden Dangers Now Await Assange?

By Andrew Kreigandrew kreig press-club-headshot_smaller_06b9c5f44896ed7f81a387585ddbf3b11e03f0a4_150x167_Q75

Washington Post, Julian Assange will leave embassy ‘soon,’ Justin Moyer, Aug. 18, 2014. At a press conference Monday, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said he would leave the embassy where he been hiding in plain sight “soon,” The Guardian reported. “It has been two years since I have been granted political asylum in this embassy,” said Assange, sporting a white beard. He added: “I have not been charged with an offense in the United Kingdom or in Sweden, and there has been no public indictments in relation to my work in the United States. How can it be that such a situation in Europe arises where a person is held and his freedom of movement restricted?”

nyt on assange

Below, image from the book Human Rights Issues in the Swedish Case vs. Julian Assange.

Publisher Julian Assange, Prof Ferrada de Noli, & Lawyer Jennifer RobinsonAndrew Kreig’s note: In the 2011 photo in London, Assange is at right with his attorney Jennifer Robinson greeting retired Swedish medical school professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli. The latter is a Sweden and Italy-based human rights activist, torture victim and publisher of the Professors Blogg, which has published scores of columns analyzing the Assange case as exemplifying a dark, hidden strain of hypocrisy in the Swedish culture. The professor consolidated his findings into a 2013 book, Human Rights Issues in the Swedish Case vs. Julian Assange.

He argued that Sweden’s vaunted neutrality has at times been compromised by secret cooperation with the CIA and NATO. Similarly, Assange claimed in 2012 that Wikileaks had electronic evidence that U.S. authorities have pending a secret grand jury indictment against him on charges of spying that Sweden could use to extradite him if he returns to Sweden for questioning on the claims of sex misconduct by two women who claimed he acted illegally in bed after they separately invited him to sleep with them during a speaking trip to Sweden.

The Justice Integrity Project broke cutting-edge stories three years ago undercutting Sweden’s claims to neutrality in such proceedings. Among our reports, widely republished in 2011 on Professors Blogg and in Sweden’s alternative media such as the Swedish Wire, were that former White House advisor Karl Rove had called for Assange’s death while also being listed as an advisor to Sweden’s conservative Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, shown in a file photo. Another of our columns revealed that Thomas L. Bodström — a name partner in the law firm Borgström and Bodström representing Assange’s accusers — was a spy novelist and former minister of justice who had once cooperated in a CIA rendition plan to return to Egypt for torture a man who had fled to Swedish seeking asylum.

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