The Ukraine Junta’s Air Force massacre of unarmed civilians in Luhansk, 2 June 2014

By Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli

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Kiev’s Junta “anti-terrorist op” has aimed principally to retake administrative or symbolic buildings held occupied by disaffected people in the Donbass region, which strongly reject the idea of being ruled by a  government instrumented by fascists and Nazis. These buildings are meant to be retaken by force, as the Ukraine government refuses talks with the political representatives of the people of Donetsk, Luhansk,  etc, and which have established autonomous administrations after their respective referendums on sovereignty.

For this extreme violent measures the Ukraine Junta has been criticized by the international community. In EU, for instance almost no country has been willing to endorse the use of lethal force to remove the occupants. This, with the only exception of Sweden (and the tiny countries Lithuania, and Luxembourg).  Several of the attacks by Ukrainian forces have resulted in slaughters of the civil population. In certain occasions shot at close range by the Ukraine soldiers. See for instance Ukraine Army’s slaughter of Mariupol civilians 9 May 2014: unarmed civilians shot & killed at close range, or The Ukraine fascists’ Odessa massacre of 2 May 2014. Updated evidence.

Has Sweden, because of its expressly endorsement to Ukraine for using  force to retake the administrative buildings, any responsibility in the outcome of this clearly war-crime attacks?   As the variety of carnage that ensued against unarmed civil populations are to be held as both genocide and war-crimes, Sweden cannot possibly permit to be associated with such horrifying deeds. It is therefore imperative that the Swedish government produces a statement on this issue. Or at least a public declaration by the Swedish political parties of the “opposition” – provided they will be able to overcome the compact Russophobic/”anti Soviet” consensus reigning at the Swedish instrumented elites.

The graphic material here presented is from a variety of independent sources, References and links down below.


Sweden is the only major EU country  which endorses the use of force by the Junta in Eastern Ukraine. Concretely, Foreign Minister Carl Bildt defends that the Ukraine Junta would have right to USE FORCE IN ORDER TO RETAKE THE BUILDINGS OCCUPIED BY “RUSSIAN SEPARATISTS”

sweden backs ukraine use of forcebild defend use of force in donbass

These are some images from the  2 June “retaken of the Luhansk administrative building by force”. In fact, an areal missile attack where only unarmed civilians were killed.


The Attacker, a 0-25 Ukraine Air Force armed with missiles

It has now been confirmed that over 150 missiles were fired by the Ukrainian Air Force in Lugansk, on the 2 of June 2014.

Not all these missiles were fired at the administrative building in Luhansk, causing the carnage reported here. However, they occasioned multiple other deaths in other sectors of Luhansk.

“All in all, for fulfilling the combat support of the Ukrainian border guards the army aviators fired more than 150 missiles, carried out three jet sorties and five helicopter sorties,” said the statement by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. One of these “jet sorties” correspond to the missile strike against the Administration building in central Luhansk, were only civilians were targeted, killed or severely wounded. The attack plan fired a volley of 9-15 missiles:

missiles 9

ukr foghterImage above published 3 June 2014 by RT.

The two images below correspond to the actual missile attack aimed to the administrative building. The Images are my screenshots from video material referred down below.

the Ukraine 0-25 attacker

attacker2 and missls


The impact on the “Administrative building occupied by ‘Russian separatists’ “. 

build luh 1Front of the Luhansk Region Administration building, visible impact of missile

fronf impactFront of the Luhansk Region Administration building after the areal attack


Sample of images depicting the victims of the Ukraine air attack,  killed, or fatally wounded: ONLY UNARMED CIVILIANS; MOSTLY WOMEN

front azzzznd injured

building front and wounded – dying - civilianFront of the Luhansk Region Administration building, at the base on the ground. A  fatal wounded unarmed woman.

horrifying image 1 from luhansk air attackThe same wounded woman beside a dead victim of the aerial missile attack

another unarmed civiliandramatic image of the air raid victims

Allwais been proud -  final -stolt b&w

References, sources:

18+ Луганск 02.06.2014. После авиа удара. (2 часть из 6)

Another Angle of SU-25 Attack on Luhansk Admin Building

12 thoughts on “The Ukraine Junta’s Air Force massacre of unarmed civilians in Luhansk, 2 June 2014

  1. thanks to the author for an honest report. Europeans, discontinue support Kiev junta, which massively kills civilians Donbass! Do not accept the bloody president Poroshenko that sends planes to bomb civilians! Declare Donbass no-fly zone! Otherwise, the blood of our people will be on your hands. That you maintain the maidan and brought to power the bloody regime of Kiev!

    • Victim’s name ( a woman in red blouse) is Inna Vladimirovna Kukurudza. She was a manager at the City Retirement Fund. On June 2, 2014, she was on her way to the Municipal building downtown Lugansk. She was on a cell phone with her daughter who were near the Ukraine movie theater. During that conversation, both of them saw two military jet planes flying low altitude over the high density living areas of Lugansk. Suddenly, the phone conversation gets interrupted. Daughter tried to redial her mom’s number for a few times. Then she caught the taxi cab and rushed to the Municipal building. When she arrived, she saw her mother’s last seconds of being alive. Inna Kukurudza has passed away in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

      Due to the military aircraft attack on June 2, 2014 in Lugansk, Ukraine, there were 8 people killed and 38 injured.

      Every day, children, woman, elderly and other peaceful civilians are killed in Lugansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine. They are NOT separatists, as they are often labeled by the media. They happen to live there, and are protecting their own homes and land from what were taken place in Kiev since February of 2014 when state employees (policeman) were killed and injured by neo-Nazi type of organization members (Praviy Sector, National Guard, etc.) Atrocities and mass-murders of state and municipal employees, priests, patients of the hospitals and peaceful citizens of Odessa, Mariupol, Donetsk, Slaviansk, Kramatorsk, Semenovka, Mirovka and Artemovsk turned the military actions of Kiev junta into a wide-range of the civil war at the South-Eastern regions of Ukraine.

      All the politicians who supported, started and still continue this bloodshed, MUST be facing eventually the International Military Tribunal for the war crimes being responsible of. Their names are the following but not limited to: Poroshenko, Turchinov, YAtsenyuk, Tiagnibok, Klichko, Avakov, YArosh, Parubiy, Timoshenko, Kolomoyskiy, Lyashko, Taruta, Akhmetov, etc.


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