Libertarian Books releasing ‘SWEDEN VS. ASSANGE – HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES’


“Olof Palme’s Sweden is gone. In the last years, Sweden would rather hit the headlines for its role in the U.S. extraordinary renditions programme than for commitments to human rights and justice. By keeping on the radar screen how Sweden is handling the case of Julian Assange, Marcello Ferrada de Noli performs a valuable service ” / Stefania Maurizi, Journalist working for l’Espresso: worked on many releases with WikiLeaks.

Here link to the full version of the book in PDF

Cover Swe VS. JA book - SfRead here  the Foreword by Andrew Kreig, the Washington-based attorney, author and historian, and CEO of the Justice Integrity Project, Washington DC


Here a backup link of the full-text of the book in case the one indicated above would be too slow or temporarily disable

Book release - Savona

On the way to the book release-event, Savona, (Liguria) Italy


The book comprises 40 chapters distributed under seven themes, with a total of 340 pages. See editing/publishing details in


I thank Human-Rights colleague John Goss (@JohnPlatinumG), @treisiroon  and Liz_rex9 (@conrack1974) for proofreading some chapters in the book; I also thank Gary Lord (@jaraparilla) and @rixstep for proofreading one chapter. I thank Stefania Maurizi (@SMaurizi) for valuable comments after reading the book. Illustration Prometeus in chapter “Historical Meaning . . .” (Part VII) done by artist Monica Martins (Basicregisters).


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