I have nominated Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize

I assert that the public access of the disclosed documents “has helped to promote human rights, democracy and freedom of speech.”

medal_AnolbelPIn the reverse of the Nobel Peace Prize medal, its reads the inscription

“For peace and fraternity”


In recent days I have published an appeal regarding  Why Sweden should consider asylum to Edward Snowden

I have also heard about the nomination of Edward Snowden done by professor colleague Stefan Svallfors, of the University of Umeå. I have tried to get in contact with Prof. Svallfors. I wished to suggest colleague Svallfors the inclusion of Mr Julian Assange and US Army Private First Class Bradley Manning in the nomination he submitted to the Peace Nobel Prize Committee-

After careful consideration, I have decided to make a direct presentation to the Nobel Committee in Oslo, and which I have submitted today 16 of July, 2013. See the communication to the Nobel Committee down below [Click for enlarged text]. Nomination Submitted according to the guidelines at Nomination and Selection of Peace Prize Laureates, which would qualify me as nominator according to Item No 3 below.


qualified nominators

submission doc.



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