ProfessorsBlogg’s 180 Articles In Contribution To The Cause Of Human Rights For The WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange: 388,000 Pageviews

Update from Blogger Stats, March 2013: Professors blogg is now approaching the four hundred thousand pageviews (N= 388,574 on 5th of March 2:40 PM). A tribute to the cause of Human Rights for the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. 
/With thanks and warm regards to the readers of Professors blogg and in particularly the supporters of this Human-Rights struggle for WL, Julian Assange, and Human Rights For All.
I thank also WikiLeaks for the linking of our articles, the twittering on Professorsblogg, and in general their kind initiative of spreading our materials in the Internet community.

Also, I kindly thank authors Helene Bergman, Traci Birge, Andrew Kreig, John Pilger, Jennifer Robinson, and Naomi Wolf.

According to, Professors blogg published in the computed period more articles/analyses (n= 95) on Assange than all the rest of indexed Swedish political blogs counted together (n= 73).
Picture above: The Professors blogg publisher with Human Rights lawyer Jennifer Robinson, and Human Rights advocate, journalist and publisher Julian Assange. In London, December 2011

Professors Blogg’s stats update as presented in the Prof Noli lecture at Orebro University, ”Human-Rights, Swe MSM & WL, J Assange” 06-03-2013

Screenshots of 12th of May 2012:

Country audience by May 2012
Most active political blogs on Assange in Sweden – Ranking list from


A list with 180 analyses and articles in the Professsors blogg on the Swedish case against Assange:



Appendix 1, Articles published in  NEWSMILL:
11 jan 2011 Artikel av Marcello FerradaNoli– The Swedish political crusade against Assange and Wikileaks – A London Court decides today on the
20 feb 2011 Artikel av Marcello FerradaNoli – Professor: Medierapporteringen om Assange är osaklig och likriktad – Media reports on Assange inaccurate
22 dec 2011 Artikel av Marcello FerradaNoli – Professor: Historical meaning of WikiLeaks, and Swedish myths on Julian Assange – In discussing “Julian
Feb 27, 2011 Artikel av Marcello FerradaNoli – Professor: Assangefallet visar att Karl Marx hade rätt – Predictably, the London courts ruled no-extradition in
Appendix 2, Articles published in  SECOND-OPINION:


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