“Throw them all out”

Therefore we see a need to critically question also the presence in Sweden of conservative men as for instance from the Middle-East”(Prof Eva Lundgren and Dr Jenny Westerstrand inNewsmill) “I’m not Muslim. I’m not even religious. But I stand for the Human Rights of abused Individuals regardless Faith(Professors blogg in Twitter)
“8 § The one that in speech or any other communication that spreads threatens or expresses contemptfor anational, ethnic or other such group with allusion to race, color, national or ethnic origin, religious belief or sexual orientation shall be sentenced for ethnic agitation to imprisonment not exceeding two years or if the crime is petty, to a fine.” (Swedish law, brottsbalken 16 kap. 8 §)
 Refugees at the Border. Ferrada de Noli, ink, Mirandas Gård, 2003

The Development Centre of Gothenburg, an institution of the Swedish Prosecution Authority led by Chief prosecutor Marianne Ny, [1] states in the public document Honour-related violence. Manual” that the explanations for such criminal behaviour – ascribed in Sweden by the media exclusively to immigrants from the Middle East – are to be found concretely in these two models,

  • a) the theses of “patriarchal universal structure”, and 
  • b) the model interpreting honour-related violence as a culture-specific behaviour  (“hedersrelaterat våld som en kulturspecifik företeelse”).[2] 

The manual further slanders, out of incredible prejudice, a series of despicable behaviours by attributing them to such populations, such as they (the men) are out of economic prosperity by exploiting their wives and children in exercising their “honour-norms”. [3] These patriarch-type postulations in association with Muslim immigrants – in my view belonging to cultural-racismtheory [4]- are those found in the radical feminist statements of Swedish academics Eva Lundgren and Jenny Westerstrand.[5]

In a strict sense – provided that such affirmations above express contempt [6] for ethnic or religious groups (such as Middle East men, or Muslims men) – would they not be in violation of anti-discrimination Swedish legislation? That would really mean that Sweden has a rule of law, where law is equal for all independent of ideology. However, the facts show that not only official publications issued by for example the Prosecutor Authorities themselves, but also utterances by Swedish Professors and academic doctors, express contempt towards Ethnic or Religious minorities in Sweden. More critically, such cultural-racist expressions are tolerated by the very legal system which is supposed to react, are in itself expression of the discussable status of such legal system.

This analysis sets the record straight in what epidemiology concerns, about the phenomenon “honour-killings”. My query was about the actual, proven prevalence of such cases in Sweden. As becomes evident after a simple analysis of prevalence, such a phenomenon has been magnified in its alarming character by the Swedish authorities and the mainstream press. 

In fact: 
  • Of two thousand killings in Sweden in twenty years, only six cases were honour-related. This means only the0.3 per cent of all killings, and 0.001 per cent of the Swedish Muslim population!  
  • However, the Swedish mainstream presshas published over thousand articles on the “alarming honour-related killings” (hedersmord). 
  • Most interesting, the four main newspapers showed a rather similar distribution in the number of such articles, average 281,75 (Total N= 1,127). Expressen n= 244; Dagens Nyheter n= 255; Svenska Dagbladet n= 298; and Aftonbladet n= 330.
  • At the times of the Swedish preparations for the increasing military occupation of Northern Afghanistan, a Swedish police official – presented as “expert in honour-related violence” – directly relatedsome cases to ”terror organizations” in the Middle East in the highly publicized article “Many honour-related killings in Sweden”. [25]
  • Some weeks after, the 18 February 2006, it was announced that Swedish troops headed for Afghanistan. [26]

Some official cultural-racist notions at the Government of Sweden

A particular flagrant propagation of cultural-racist notions is the one popping up in an official site by the Government of Sweden. The site “Men’s violence against women” (Mäns våld mot kvinnor) focuses in describing the government program set up to deal with that problem. However, at the very top in the list it is announced an “Action Program to combat violence against women, honour-related violence…”. This may be giving the double-fold misleading notions on that a) It would be an established fact that the “honour-related” violence exercised by immigrant men to immigrant women (which in Sweden is usually attributed mainly to to “Muslim culture” individuals) is the most prevalent or characterizing such phenomena in Sweden. But is this true? Do the police reports on men’s violence against women overwhelmingly refer to Muslims, or to immigrants for that part, or to Swedish-born, white male cases? ; or b) that such violence is “cultural” determined.

Further, the site begins by stating, “Men’s violence against women is a huge societal problem that impacts both women and men”. However it is shown thereafter, as the one and only illustration in the page, a picture of a dark skinned, dark haired woman [picture up, at right, untouched]. This also call for a misleading interpretation: that immigrants would be the group that most typically represent the national problem “Men’s violence against women in Sweden”.

The site “Honour-related violence and oppression” (Hedersrelaterat våld och förtryck) follows suit. Here the cultural-racist notions takes it to an even more blunt chauvinism when describing what the main problem would be: “likewise the violence against women in general, Honour-related violence and oppression has its ground in cultural conceptions about gender, power, and sexuality”. . . “The control” exercised by men against women by the their culture-determined behaviour “can take in its extreme form to threats of violence, and actual violence including deadly violence”

The actual prevalenceof “honour-killings” among Muslims in Sweden is, expressed in rate: 0,1 cases per 10,000 individuals in the Muslim population!

When you visit the government sites linked above, do observe that not a single clear-cut statistics or figures is given in the whole sites on the actual occurrence of such criminal behaviours in Sweden, beyond phrases such as “an estimation on believes made by…” or “it is believed”, etc.  Moreover, no statistics is given to sustain the government’s cultural-racist assumptions on a higher prevalence of violence against women or honour-killings among such “cultural” groups (particularly Muslim men),  in comparison to other immigrant groups or the general population which included for the most part native Swedes.

At the Swedish Ethical Review Board in Uppsala I also review in this analysis some items about the methods/procedures pursued by Westerstrand aimed to demonstrate her prejudiced points of departure. These methods – which contradict guidelines issued by the Swedish Ethical Review Board, have been in this case seriously wrong endorsed by the Ethical Review Board, Region Uppsala (also referred as Ethical Committee). Due to these infringements to basic ethic norms in scientific research, and partly due for regarding such endorsement by the Uppsala Committee as expression of cultural-racism, I resigned to my assignment as alternate scientific member of the Research Ethics Committee. This explains why this text is formulated as letter to the Minister of Research and Education, Mr. Jan Björklund. I had held such position since eight years, appointed by the government.  I further inquire in this article possible relationships and geopolitical motives for this apparently campaigns to discredit Muslims minorities, one of the largest cultural immigrant group to Sweden, [7] actions where we find the involvement of conspicuous academics by the Christian Church. [8] This analysis I do here – focused on the actual epidemiology of honour-killings in Sweden, has no bearing in the critical positions I maintain regarding the flawed immigration policies adopted by the previous and current governments.

At the end the gender ideology of Christian brotherhoods, of the Bodströms & Borgströms and Assange accusers by proxy, of radical feminist politicians like Margareta Winberg and associate von Wachenfeldt, of their Christian theology doctors and demon exorcists Eva Lundgren and associate Jenny Westerstrand, all of their fantasy was finally made Swedish State-feminist law with the help of falsified data.[12]

And when their victory relaxed and the secret no longer was held, it confessed that gender perspective meant only feminist perspective. And then empiric revealed that feminist perspective meant gender supremacy. And finally, when truth spoke through reality, it demonstrated that Swedish state-feminism had evolved into purely cultural-racist, anti-Muslim propaganda. And it showed that one of its results was the linking of “honour-violence” – ascribed with unrepresentative data to Muslim immigrant men – to the “terrorist war”; But this would hardly help legitimizing the Swedish vassal military occupation of Muslim Afghanistan on behalf of US geopolitics, and on behalf the magnates aiming to kidnap prospective Afghan oil.  


“That’s the way the Swedish people thinks about immigrants and refugees”.

Expressen’s Front-page 1993

To:  Mr. Jan Björklund

Minister for Research and Education 


Dear Minister Jan Björklund,


I hereby communicate to the Ministry of Research and Education my resignation from the government assignment as a scientific member of the Ethical Review Board for Research, EPN, which I have had for three consecutive periods (eight years), [10].

I had in several occasions stated my reservation about decisions of the Uppsala Committee for general research for considering such decisions do negate the very ethics of both scientific research and ethical review.[11] Principally, I have protested the approval of research projects based in unscientific assumptions, religious-biased postulations or with completely absence of epidemiological ground. I have been customary rebutted with the excuse that Swedish legislation does not make mandatory to the Ethics Committee to produce statements on the “quality” of research. I further protest here with my resignation against the compact intellectual subjection from the part of the Committee towards seemingly fundamentalist Christian theology views, which favour the approval of unscientific ultra-feminist research based in plain cultural-racist assumptions, scientifically unproven assumptions or prejudices. I ask for a revision of the legislation in order to guarantee the Swedish public, grant institutions and public funds, that research ethics review in Sweden will be instead compatible with scientific research and scientificquality.


The final query

The final query was brought about March 15, 2012, on occasion of the approval by the Ethical Committee of the cultural-racist biased “Honour-related sexual violence”, a research project presented by Jur dr Jenny Westerstrand, research partner of Theology Dr and Professor Eva Lundgren [12] with whom she co-authored the falsified-data book Slagendam. [9] [13].

Theology Dr and Professor Carl-Henric Grenholm, chairman of the Theology Association of Uppsala, gave the report upon the Committee recommending the approval. The Committee unanimous followed suit Grenholm position in spite of the serious infringements against the guidelines for research and ethics with humans in Sweden made evident in Westerstrand research application. For instance the mandatory integrity issue the guidelines absolutely demand in asking for consent (samtycke) to the individuals whose personal data and intimal privacy is used for research in Sweden. [14] Grenholm writes he is fully aware of that infringement but postulates that the aims of Dr. Westerstrand’s research should be regarded as paramount and therefore the consent-rule be in this case excepted! [15]. But what are the manifested aims of this seemingly immigrant-hostile research?

Westerstrand acknowledges agreement with Sweden democrats

An aim of Westerstrand research input in that particular theme is to give support to the discredit campaign against the Muslim minorities in Sweden. She publicly declared in Newsmill, in an article authored together with Prof Eva Lundgren:[5]

(Jimmy Åkesson, chairman of the immigrant-hostile party Sweden democrats) is interested in talking about men’s violence . . . He connects it to Muslims. And we are agreeing with Åkesson that in that part of the immigrant population the men exercise much violence. But it does not stop there . . .Therefore we see a need to critically question also the presence in Sweden of conservative men as for instance from the Middle-East” [16]

Another aim publicly declared by Westerstrand and Eva Lundgren is to warn about the “negative-impact” potential Middle-East men would have to the behaviour of Swedish men: 

So what happens when the somehow mild Swedish patriarchy meets other culture’s strong men that according to the traditions in their home countries can take several women till wives, abused them in impunity, yes, extinguishing the women’s lives the usufruct and getting away without punishment…?”  [17]

Prof. Grenholm is himself holder of the project “Feministic sexual-ethics”, financed by the Swedish Church Research Council. [18]


Sigmund Freud, Alienation, and Religion

Disclaimer and Introduction

Mr. Minister, I am not an advocate of the Muslim-religion minorities. Indeed, I distaste religions or fanatic supremacist thinking of all kind. As a liberal, I think that Bertrand Russell was in fact right in his rhetorical assessment on whether religions have made a positive contribution to humankind. For, in my opinion, their main contribution has been the invention of war and torture, social alienation, and psychoanalyses. [19]  As a left liberal my commitment for human rights are paramount to any other endeavour, and thus I oppose fundamentalist “Muslims” dictatorships, as much as, and no less, I have opposed their fundamentalist Christian counterparts, such as the Pinochet fascist government, or the announced era of the “Bodström society”. This means that I am also here to defend the human rights of every single Moslem, or any minority group, like are now being cracked on society’s pavement by a feminist cohort which I do not believe represents Sweden’s feminists at large. I also would like to clarify that my positions are absolutely for gender equality, aiming exactly the same in all spheres of society as formulated by the classical, sound, civilized Swedish feminist movement — now kidnapped on some issues by a few “radical” voices.

According to separate interviews I have recently conducted with four different unit-heads or researchers at The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå), [20] there are no published statistical materials over the particular representation of Middle-East or African born parents in the so called honour-crimes.  Neither are there comparative studies in these regards among different ethnic groups or with native Swedes. Neither are there epidemiological studies considering individuals/cohorts by either geographic area or ethnicity. In other words, nation-wide statistics over such widely exploited phenomenon by the government, some political parties, and the media, simply do not exist.  

Its is worth mentioning, that in contrast with the “Patriarchal” and “cultural-bound” theses advocated in the document published by the Prosecutor Authority’s  “Development Centre” commented above [see Prologue], studies on the subject conducted by theThe Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå)summarizes: 

“Researchers agree about honour-related violence cannot be associated to a particular region or religion”. [21]

Much less is there any demonstrated epidemiological basis for the new accusations of “sexual honour-violence” which some feminist academic sectors are accusing Muslim minorities with the support of government officials, academic departments at state universities, and now Sweden’s Ethical Committee such as the Uppsala section for general research. “Honour-crimes” being a pejorative mediatic concept used by both government and mainstream media to refer an undetermined “over-representation” in criminal violence, or “proneness” for such criminal behaviour, anthropologically ascribed to political refugees and immigrant minorities originally from Muslim countries.


Facts about Honour-related violence in Sweden

Doing research for this article, I was astonished in establishing that in spite of the numerous reports from Government agencies, the Police Authority, far right-wing political organizations,  the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå), a vast number of feminist militant organizations, the Prosecutor Authority, etc., etc., no data whatsoever is given referred to the actual existence, typology, distribution, prevalence, etc. of “honour-related” crimes; not even statistics about the most spectacular and exploited of them all: the “honour-related killings”.

No wonder that researcher Jenny Westerstrand appeals in her presentation upon the Research Review Board, as base for “demonstrating” the the magnitude of the problem “honour-violence” in Sweden – and instead to present epidemiological data – to the “fact” that “honour-related violence has come to take space in the Swedish political and medial arena as an important problem”.[22]

Indeed, the Swedish main stream media has furiously agitated the issue of honour-related killings. Both Dagens Nyheter and Svenska dagbladet had for about a month ago a wide coverage of the subject, including front-page articles and several articles in the same issue. Expressen had a notorious article series of over fifteen articles devoted just to one case in 2011. In total have Expressen produced 244 articles on the subject “Honour-related killings”, Aftonbladet n= 330 articles, Dagens Nyheter n= 255 articles, and Svenska Dagbladet n= 298. Total N= 1127 (up to 20 March 2012).

In fact, Expressen has given the only accurate statistics I have found in the media about honour-killings. In the article “Expert: anunusual motive“, Expressen‘s journalist Maria Calleberg states that in twenty years have  six such a killings taken place in all Sweden.[23]  This means:
Two thousand killings in Sweden in twenty years.[24] Only  six are honour-related = Only 0.3 percent of all killings!

Further, considering the cases cases referred to “Muslim families”, only five case of “honour-murders” have been committed in Sweden between 1986 and 2010. Four of the five cases were Kurds, and one case Afghan (See Wikipedia article ). There is an estimated Muslim population (Islam followers)  of N= 450 000 to half million in Sweden.

In epidemiological terms this is expressed at the Rate of 0.1 honour-related killings per 10,000 Muslims, or 0,001 percent.

Whereas in the same period killings were committed  towards the non-Muslim population (N= 8 500 000). The estimation of the total killings of the period is done in base of BRÅ own yearly statistical estimations (n= 100 per year, average). [24]

1986 – 2010 = 1400 mord (Sweden 9 millions, minus 500 000)

In epidemiological terms this is expressed in 1.647 per 10 000 Non-Muslims, or 0,16 percent.

The five killings being listed in the Wikipedia article Hedersmord (Swedish) corresponding to crimes perpetrated in Sweden, and related to Muslim (one case of a Christian victim and another case occurred in another country are excluded).

In spite that the period-prevalence (1986-2010) of honour-related killings among the Muslim population in Sweden is only 0,001 percent, the Swedish mainstream media (only four newspapers counted) have published over one thousand articles on the issue “honour-related killings (hedersmord)!


How come that Swedish researches indulge nowadys in such scientific-alien activity? The shocking advancement of unscientific research in Sweden, and the decrease of Sweden’s international prestige

In the time of the government of Olla Ullsten, preceded by Olof Palme’s, the international academic prestige of Sweden was high at its peak, as was also the recognition towards Sweden for its positions on neutrality, human rights issues and against racism.

At that time, while no one had ever so far questioned the Nobel Prize in Medicine which is given in Sweden, an average Swedish doctoral dissertation at the Karolinska Institute or Stockholm University consisted of six to seven scientific reviewed articles (most of them published, in press, or accepted for publication). Nowadays only one such article is required. In other words, the equivalent to what a Bachelor degree is in the U.S., Italy, or in African Cape Verde, etc.

The Swedish academic authorities decided to lower the scientific demands for researchers, shortening their research education, and the argument given is this would put Sweden in a better position for the output of PhD’s in the research market — so in Sweden more Swedes would pursue a PhD if the demands were  shortened.

The Swedish academic authorities’ decision was ill-fated. First, it did not consider that in academia abroad the “research-manpower market” issue has been tackled by instead increasing the scholarly demands, thus, augmenting the quality of the PhD’s and optimizing their further insertion in the international research arena. In Sweden the strategy focused in the quantitative aspects and gave instead a worsening in the quality of the examined PhD’s.

Two aspects were coincidentally taken with the decision by the Swedish academic authorities around the epoch. One was that (continuing with the illustration of the Karolinska Institutet – Sweden’s major medical university and in whose faculty the Nobel Prize in Medicine is decided) over fifty per cent of the examined PhD’s at the Karolinska Institute were foreign-born, while 90 per cent of the Faculty remained Swedish-born.

The other coincidental aspect was the official imposition from the part of the authorities of the “qualitative research method” in conjunction with the obligatory “gender perspective” – read ultra-feminist perspective – in research and education at the Swedish universities (SeeRadical-feminism. What is scientific research and what it is not. End of story http://ferrada-noli.blogspot.se/2011/10/radical-feminism-what-is-scientific.html”).

Both those aspects were never scientifically proven. They were imposed by the government edict at the time of Margareta Winberg [missing ref]. I have explained the historical and political background of such phenomena in my two articles series 1) Pseudo-Science in Swedish Rape Trials. With an Introduction on the Origins of State Feminism in Sweden http://ferrada-noli.blogspot.se/2011/07/pseudo-science-in-swedish-rape-trials.html, and 2) The Satanism-thesis of Eva Lundgren and the psychiatric origins of Swedish State-Feminism http://ferrada-noli.blogspot.se/2011/10/satanism-theses-of-eva-lundgren-and.html.

In a separate document I expect to provide a rationale for a propositions series on changes in the law regulating the ethical review of research in Sweden.
With liberal regards
Marcello Ferrada de Noli. Med dr, professor emeritus


This section V corresponds to my critic of the application sent by Dr. Jenny Westerstrand and approved by the Ethical Review Board the 15 of February. I will post it here after I submit the original text to the said Review Board (“Reservation utlåtande”), and have considered the legal issues that I am obliged to as participant in that meeting.

What would be the political rationale of this campaign against the Muslim minority in Sweden?
I start by summarizing with the following twitters from Professors blogg account:
Honour-related killings in Sweden less than 0,001 percent Muslim ppl. But four Swe newspapers published over One Thousand articles! Why?
Swe State-feminists are artificially magnifying the honour-related violence. Why trying discredit Muslim minority on false ground? You’ll see
Sweden needs desperately support for its occupation war in Afghanistan, led by US., after the Saudi arms scandal
Duckpond+ConsensusMentality+Chauvinism = StateFeminism 1st 2 collaborate in cultural-racist campaign! Discredit war-enemy by association?
Two thousand killings in Swe in twenty years. Only  six are honour-related = 0.3 percent of all killings. Why the State-feminism offensive?
Swe Prosecutor Authority publishing cultural-racist “manual” 2 deal with ‘honour-related violence’ (0,0001 percent of killings)
Swe Ethical Review Board approving cultural-racist based radical feminist research to discredit “Muslim men”
Now it is called ‘honour-related sexual violence’. Manual bySwe Prosecutor’s DevelopCentr Gothnbrg copycat cultural-racist feminists
I am not Muslim. I am not even religious and dislike religions of all kind. But I defend the Human Rights of abused individuals, regardless faith or ethnicity

And I am a scientist and I try to have explanation about phenomenons as this weird paradox, this one about the “cultural-racist” institutional offensive from a country that has received half million Muslims!Hypothesis 1. Do Muslims are viewed as a cultural threat?Hypothesis 2. Do Muslims are viewed as associated with Sweden’s currently military enemy in Afghanistan? Hypothesis 3. Do Muslims in Sweden – a minority which after a successful Islamophobic campaign lye beaten down in the pavement of society – represent the easiest target for the fascist voracity of some cultural-racist authors’disguised as “feminists”? (a trade mark of fascist’s violence is to attack those already condemned as weakest in society –and at the same time using as disguise prevalent forms of populism) 4. Do Muslims in Sweden follow this debate? Can Muslims in Sweden defend themselves in the same level (language issues, knowledge of the duck pond, access to media with own writings, etc.) than the feminist researchers or journalists attacking them? x


I wish to thank  Liz_rex9 for the proofreading of sections in the manuscript. 


1. Swedish Prosecutor Authority, Utvecklingscentrum Göteborg http://www.aklagare.se/Sok-aklagare/Utvecklingscentrum/Utvecklingscentrum-Goteborg/

2. Honour-related violence. Manual:

3.2 Begreppet hedersrelaterat våld

Under 2000-talet har begreppet hedersrelaterat våld letat sig in i folks med- vetande. Det förekommer olika förklaringsmodeller i den svenska debatten om vad detta våld är. De vanligaste är följande: 1) man marginaliserar gär- ningsmännen till en avvikare, 2) man tolkar hedersrelaterat våld som ett ut- slag för en universell patriarkal struktur, och 3) man tolkar hedersrelaterat våld som en kulturspecifik företeelse.8

Det hedersrelaterade våldet kan förstås genom att kombinera de två sist- nämnda modellerna, dvs. att patriarkalt våld är globalt och att det tar sig olika uttryck i olika kulturer. “

Hedersrelaterat våld Handbok

Utvecklingscentrum Göteborg December 2006 

3. 3.3.5 Heder som ekonomiskt kapital (Honour-related violence. Manual🙂
Det är storfamiljen som ansvarar för familjemedlemmarnas ekonomi och sociala trygghet. Enskilda familjemedlemmar anses ha få egna angelägenheter, det som rör en familjemedlem rör hela familjen. Frågan om äktenskapspartner hanteras som en familjeangelägenhet, en fråga där familjeöverhuvudet, fadern, har sista ordet. Heder och skam styr familjekollektivet men ansvaret för att dessa värden upprätthålls är fördelat på olika sätt. Mannens heder är kopplat till hans förmåga att försörja och beskydda familjen. Kvinnans heder är knuten till hennes sexuella dygd. Söners bedömda försörjningsförmåga och döttrars kyskhet är således ett kapital på äktenskapsmarknaden.”

4. M Ferrada-Noli,What is behind Swedish cultural-racism”


För den svenska definitionen av Kulturell rasism klicka här: Att definiera KulturrasismThis text below is the continuation of my first post on this issue of cultural racism

5. J Westerstrand and E Lundgren, “Risk att Mellanösternmännen uppmuntrar svenska patriarkatet”

Newsmill Publicerad: 2009-10-25 16:10, Uppdaterad: 2011-11-02 17:11 

6. Swedish law, brottsbalken 16 kap. 8 §)
8 § Den som i uttalande eller i annat meddelande som sprids hotar eller uttrycker missaktning för folkgrupp eller annan sådan grupp av personer med anspelning på ras, hudfärg, nationellt eller etniskt ursprung, trosbekännelse eller sexuell läggning, döms för hets mot folkgrupptill fängelse i högst två år eller om brottet är ringa, till böter.

7. Form the Wikipedia article”Islam in Sweden“:

Islam is, as of 2009, the religion of roughly 450,000 to 500,000 citizens and residents of Sweden, around 5% of the total Swedish population. Islam was introduced in Sweden by immigrants from the regions of Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovinaand Iraq.


9.“Slagen Dam” (Beaten lady) authors Eva Lundgren and Jenny Westestrand received thus the 2002 award “Woman’s Deed of the Year” (“Årets kvinnogärning”) given by the nation-wide organization feminist organization ROKS, concretely stating it was on the base of her “research” as published in the book Slagen dam. 

Ensuing, the radical-feminists politicians advocating for new, harder “gender legislation”  – led by the former Minister of Justice Thomas Bodström and his partner Claes Borgström (the lawyer that instigated the case against Julian Assange, after the case have been closed) – obtained such laws, which, under the spirit of Slagen dam’s “epidemiological conclusions” have likely biased hundreds of trials against Sweden men since then.

However, in an analysis conducted later (2005) it was demonstrated that the figures in Slagen dam  have been fabricated or exaggerated, and thus the conclusions are to be  tenable as falsified. Professor Bo Rothstein from Gothenburg University published in a debate article in Dagens Nyheter that Lundgren had exaggerated the figures of women been abused in that regard from five to ten times! [http://www.dn.se/debatt/uppsala-universitet-maste-laggas-ned]







16. För Åkesson är, tvärt emot den svenska etablisemang han nu fått i luven, intresserad av tala om mansvåld som en omfattande företeelse i landet Sverige. Men. Han kopplar det till “muslimer”. Och vi är eniga med Åkesson om att det av den invandrade befolkningen män utövas mycket våld. Men det stannar ju inte där.”….” Därför ser vi ett behov av att kritiskt problematisera också närvaron i Sverige av konservativa män, exempelvis från Mellanöstern: Deras syn på kön, präglad av förtryck och segregation, hur förhåller sig den till kvinnors rätt att vara och leva i enlighet med sina egna personligheter? Vilka värderingar bär dessa män rörande kvinnors (och barns) rättigheter?”

17. “Så vad händer när det något tillbakasatta svenska patriarkatet möter andra kulturers kraftkarlar som enligt sina hemländers traditioner kan ta flera kvinnor till fruar, ostraffat misshandla dem, ja utsläcka kvinnoliv de förfogar över utan nämnvärda straff, för att inte tala om den markservice de kan utkräva, vård av sina avkommor med rättigheterna till barnen, till arv och till ägodelar? Vilka trådar av ömsesidig förståelse löper mellan männen i dessa olika, men också av gemensamheter präglade, kulturella värderingssystem? Och kvinnorna! Vilka redskap – och vilken vilja – har de att stå upp för feministiska ställningstaganden om kvinnors rätt att leva våldsfria liv? “Svenska” såväl som kvinnor från andra kulturella sammanhang?”

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26. Militaryphotos.net, 19 February 2006 Swedish troop head for Afghanistan



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  1. I am an American exchange student in Sweden. I have felt the under the skin or hidden discrimination in Sweden is a nationwide problem. I am caucasian young male and for the first time in my life I can honestly say I have felt discriminated at the university and nearly impossible to get a part time job. After getting so many rejections for part time jobs, a friend and I decided to test the market. We edited my personal CV. One with my american name and one with a swedish name/surname. We sent the SAME CVs to 30 companies who were advertising job positions via the internet. With the american name I had 17 companies who replied with negative answer and zero positive. With the Swedish name I received 19 negative replies and 6 positive replies for interview or next stage.

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