Naomi Wolf: "Julian Assange’s sex-crime accusers deserve to be named"

Professors blogg’s Note 6 February 2012
We intoduce to the Swedish readers  a new work by notable columnist Naomi Wolf, American feminist and spokesperson of the third wave of the feminist movement.
Naomi is also a public supporter of the Wikileaks cause and she has demanded fairness towards the cause of the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Her critic to the legal procedures around the case of Sweden against Assange have caused much attention.

The present article was published in the Guardian 5 January 2011, piece which is linked here below in agreement with author Naomi Wolf./ Prof. Ferrada-Noli

“Julian Assange’s sex-crime accusers deserve to be named”

By Naomi Wolf:
“As Swedish prosecutors’ sex-crime allegations against Julian Assange play out, one aspect of the case merits serious scrutiny. We know Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, by name. But his two accusers are consistently identified only as “Miss A” and “Miss W” in the media, and their images are blurred.”   Read more here

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