>Key-witnesses severely contradict state-feminist Borgström & women-accusers in Sweden’s phony case against Assange


A breaking-news article authored by Huffington Post Dana Kennedy (AOL 4/02 2011) and based in a key-witness interview discloses that Anna Ardin lied about his relationship with Assange and thus it severely questions the phony design of state-feminists Bodstrom & Borgström in the manipulation of the Assange case. The article refers also another witness included in the new leaked Swedish police investigation.

The article headed “Assange Witness Raises Questions About Alleged Sex Victim” is based in a direct interview with notable Swedish journalist Donald Boström. Boström was a direct witness all along during the visit of Assange to Sweden – including the highly commented festivities – and presented himself in the article as a friend of Anna Ardin.

In the main (the “rape” issue) “Boström said he does not believe Assange raped either woman”. He makes thou a distinction in the credibility value between the two woman, finding SW more credible. Bostrom also said Ardin “deliberately lied” about the nature of her relationship with Assange and ended up with three different versions!

Skall vi “prata om det” statsfeminister och dyl?

You will find the full text of Dana Kennedy’s article here in this link , and the 100 pages leaked police investigation here and here (Rixstep, translated)
Picture “Infidelity” (Otroghet) från Anna Ardin´s blog
Marcello Ferrada-Noli, Bergamo, Italy 4/2 2011

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