>New interview in Genoa – Serra Ricco (Italian) on A de Noli

>As the preparations for the soon-to-be Scientific and Cultural Conference “Da Noli a Capo Verde” (From Noli to Cape Verde) continues in the Ligurian City of Noli (see photo down below), Luciano Marmi from Genoa send us this new Youtube upload

In the picture below, Ambassador José Eduardo Barbosa (Cape Verde Ambassador to Italy), Prof. Alberto Peluffo (City of Noli), Prof. M. Ferrada-Noli (President of the Antonio de Noli Academic Society) and Prof. Mario Lorenzo Paggi (President of the San’t Antonio Cultural Foundation) during the last organization meeting in Noli 20/8 2010. The event will take place 17-18 of September (Photo credit:  Ilaria Grillo)

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